Discover the main jewelry trends for 2020

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Fashion is a reflection of our constant need for renewal: just as we make plans every year and nurture new expectations to make more dreams come true, we also feel that delicious desire to redesign the look. Are you like that too? In 2020, the accessories are full of personality. We love creating pieces that add value and sophistication without losing the essence of relaxation. See below, how small details are able to strengthen your personality.

Pearls: classic of the classics

Let’s start with the classic of the classics: pearls. All jewelry looks beautiful with them. Pearls have exuberant beauty and can be used by anyone. They are super hot, especially those of baroque style pearls. They are too beautiful and add a touch of elegance to the look. Super hot, they are very versatile and very practical to compose stripped looks, both for day to day and night.

Minimalist jewelry

This style never lost its place in jewelry. It is very timeless, but now it is coming with more force. If you have hoop earring, congratulations, you are the part of 2020 jewelry fashion. In addition to being practical, the rings also allow for interesting customizations, with pendants hanging from the rim, asymmetrical shapes and larger sizes. The biggest novelty in the minimalist style is the use of several “minimal” pieces making overlays and adding volume to the look.

Layered necklaces, choker, pendants and medals

There is no longer any doubt that the shorter necklaces became a fever, especially when mixed with other sizes of chokers. They have been on the rise for almost two years and do not seem to have a date to “get out of line”. However, the bet for 2020 is to invest in more delicate chokers, with a more sophisticated footprint. If you are a fan of choker necklace and pendants, you must once visit Prtya, one of the best and leading online fashion stores. A well thought out mix of necklaces is a very elegant way to transform a simple look into something original.

Statement jewelry

Have you heard of statement jewelry? They are conceptual pieces with artistic relevance. They generally present different formats, striking colors and unusual materials with the most noble. It is like investing in real works of art, but in the form of earrings, bracelets or necklaces. It is already a very strong trend: from delicate pieces to more extravagant pieces.

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