Do you know how to choose the car accident injury lawyer for your case?

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Car accidents happen all the time. There are a trio of main causes that are common in conjunction with auto accidents in the United States, distracted driving, speed and drunk driving. It can be devastating to be involved in a car accident. The only thing you are sure of is that you were hurt. You also know that you need to find a personal injury attorney as this can lead to your case. How do you find the right lawyer? Where should you start looking for lawyers?

There are ways to search, control and hire top lawyers

As we know that speeding can cause car accidents, the first thing you can do to find an excellent personal injury lawyer is to ask the people you know. If you have a family member or a good friend who has suffered a personal injury and has hired a law firm to handle the case, ask them about your experience. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about personal injury law firms. In fact, it is a preferred method that helps you find a personal injury lawyer who has already represented someone you know and helped them get the most satisfaction out of the case.

Discuss any fees before signing anything

Don’t be afraid to ask about fees. You need to know everything that a personal injury lawyer can do for you and what is expected in return. Transparency is 100% vital when it comes to any financial transaction. Ask for a written fee agreement. While most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, you need to understand what that means when you reach an agreement or judgment. Lawyers typically receive a third of a trial or settlement and adhere to office expenses. Just be sure to clarify what that means.

Pay attention to instincts

You can feel it when someone cares about you. Use that same feeling when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Listen to that inner voice, as some lawyers may care only about the value of the case, rather than making decisions that benefit you and your recovery. Trusted lawyers will be direct, honest and real about the weakest aspects of your case. If you speak to a lawyer who just demonstrates the strengths of your case, consider that they may not be right for you. It’s time to look for a different lawyer.

Who exactly will be handling your case?

Just because you spoke to a lawyer and hired them, it doesn’t mean that they can’t delegate your case to another member of the law firm’s staff. Be sure to ask the lawyer with whom you are going to speak if he will personally handle your case. The concern is that a lawyer who cannot take a few minutes a day to speak to you personally will not have enough time or attention to devote to your case. Ask questions and find out exactly who will handle your case. If you are not satisfied with the answer, look for Mirman Law Firm.