Do You Know What to Do If Your Car is Damaged During Shipping?

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Most of us will prefer to transport our cars while moving to any faraway city if we get a new job offer. This is supposed to be the most convenient way to carry our vehicles instead of driving all the way through unknown roads and spending a few days driving on the highways, which is  risky.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a very well-known auto transport company that can provide very good service as far as transporting a vehicle to a different state or a country is concerned.

However, there is one issue unfortunately that many of us may also have to face while shipping the car. There is always a possibility that you may receive your car in a damaged condition and that may either de-shape your vehicle or it may create certain mechanical damage.  What should you do in such a case?

Although most of these shipping companies have an insurance plan there is a possibility that the insurance may not be adequate enough to compensate for the damage that took place.

In certain worst cases, a few transporters may not have any insurance at all where the transporter will not take any responsibility for the damage.

The following are a few things that you can do to minimize your loss:

  • Make a proper inspection report

Before you hand over your vehicle, you must make a proper inspection report of your vehicle in presence of the representative of the transporter and also get it countersigned by him.

This will be a reasonable proof available with you to justify that the damage has taken place due to negligence of the transporter if any damage is found while receiving your car back.

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You must take a few snaps from different sides of the car and also after damaged condition when you receive your car.

  • You can buy additional insurance

If you are shipping a brand new car or an expensive car then it will be better to buy additional insurance so that you can claim from your insurance company by showing the above documentary proof.

  • Request the transporting company

If the damage is not too big then most of the reputed transporter will not like to spoil their reputation by refusing to repair the damages caused by their transport and most likely that they will either reimburse you or help you to get it repaired at their own cost.

  • Choose for enclosed transport

If you are too scared of getting even a dent or scratch mark on your new car or any vintage car, then you may choose to transport through an enclosed trailer rather than an open trailer.

An enclosed trailer can keep your vehicle protected against weather disturbances like hailstorms, rain, snow, or UV light from the sun. As your vehicle will be covered and hence the chance of any scratch or dent will also be drastically reduced.

However, you should be ready to bear 40 to 50 percent additional cost for your car transportation.