Does My Water Heater Need Repair? Click to find out the signs

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We often don’t think about maintaining our water heaters until there’s a problem.  The long, hot showers we look forward to every morning are suddenly cut short.  Our normally quiet, dependable water heater suddenly starts hissing or leaking.

Sometimes a water heater needs to be replaced altogether, but in other cases, a simple repair may be all that’s needed to get the unit working reliably again.  Here are the signs that water heater repair may be in order.

Unusual Noises

You may begin hearing hissing or sizzling sounds coming from your water heater.  This sometimes happens when sediment accumulates in the water heater.  In such cases, flushing the heater and cleaning its inner components will help the unit quiet down.

Water That Isn’t Hot Enough

When the water just doesn’t get hot enough, it could be due to a problem with the thermostat or heating element.  A technician can troubleshoot to get to the root of the problem and perform any necessary repairs.


Leaks can be caused by a faulty valve or water supply pipes that have loose or damaged fittings.  When a valve isn’t working correctly, it has to be replaced.  When the leak is coming from the pipes, the fittings may need to be tightened.  If that doesn’t do the trick, they will have to be replaced.

Contact a Professional Water Heater Repair Service

If you suspect your water heater needs a tune-up, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional, rather than trying to take on the task yourself.  A high-quality water heater repair service can get your unit back up and running as soon as possible.  Prompt maintenance will go a long way toward extending the life of your water heater.