Dog Waste Removal Tips for Winter and the Spring After

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Cleaning up dog waste in the winter is not fun, and waiting till the snow melts and picking up what has been left for months on end is even worse. The Utah winters are cold and snowy, and most people don’t pick up as much dog waste as they should. When the snow melts, most end up with a big job waiting for them. After their big thaw, most people would grab shovels and poop bags, head out to the yard, and clean up months worth of preserved poop. It may be safe to assume that’s about fifty pounds of pet waste and gives spring cleaning a whole new meaning. Here are some tips to keep your yard clean during a snowy winter and how to prepare and attack the “Sping Clean Thaw.”

To keep your yard clean during a snowy Utah winter, you will have to do a few things, which include:

Keep a designated area shoveled and free of snow. This will encourage your dog to go in that area, making it easier to maintain pet poop and clean regularly.

Tines on a rake may break when chipping the poop out of the ice. We recommend using a long-handled garden shovel equipped with a small blade due to its light-weight. If you do decide to buy a rake, metal over plastic will ensure durability.

If you deicer your walkways ensure that it is dog friendly to prevent any harm to your dog.

Take advantage of any warm days when there is a thaw to do a cleanup. The more waste you can remove during warmer days will leave less pet poop to clean up once spring does arrive.

Hiring a pet waste removal company to take care of the work during colder months or all year long.

Once spring arrives in Utah and the big thaw happens, keep these tips in mind to make it easier on yourself.

It’s going to be a huge job, and you’ll need the right tools. Buying a lobby dustpan and lining it with a garbage or pet waste bag will allow you to scoop pet waste till the bag is full then dispose of it.

If your dog has been using concrete or deck to go to the restroom, use an enzyme deodorizer to remove any odors.

This may seem obvious but refrain from using pet poop as fertilizer. Dog poop does not make good fertilizer.

Though unpleasant, cleaning up pet waste after a Utah winter is vital. If the dog poop isn’t picked up, then it will wash into a watershed. That can be a lot of dog poop, all washing into a watershed simultaneously, which isn’t good for the environment. If you find yourself not wanted to do any spring or winter cleanup, consider hiring a Utah pet waste removal company to handle the dirty work.

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