Everything you need to know about the MINT program

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The Paspalis group and Darwin Innovation Hub management program migrant innovation northern territory or the MINT program is a program which is associated in assisting overseas nationals and supporting the regions innovation centre and start-up thermoregulator. The MINT program has been successful in creating NT’s first venture capital fund with the support of NTG. MINT program was first successfully completed in the year 2019. The consequence of this success was PIIF was being opened and a fund value of $26m was raised. This led to the development of the first venture capital fund in the Northern territory.

Let’s further discuss the MINT program objectives –

To ensure that the local’s people of northern Territory has no issue or disadvantage with the employed skilled migrants.

  • MINT program needs to maintain the integrity of any northern territory governmental function.
  • To grasp any sort of visa programs those are managed by the northern territory government.
  • To raise fund for any sort of start-up in Northern Territory innovation ecosystem this will provide support and help in the growth of companies at the Darwin Innovation Hub.

Criteria for MINT program eligibility:-

If you want to apply for any sort of nomination at the MINT program these are the following necessities or criteria that one must ensure.

  • The applicant must have his own fund for the settlement.
  • They have to promise that they will reside in the Northern Territory and will meet all the guidelines stated to all applicants.
  • The applicants need to submit the application within a stipulated ti9me of two months just after signing the agreement with Paspalis Group.
  • The applicant must understand and abide by all the rules and regulation of the government.
  • The applicant is required to meet all the criteria put down by the Australian Government.
  • The applicant must not develop any strong bond with any other Australian region before the Northern Territory.
  • Must be clear and specific about all relevant and important information that is to be known.
  • They need to get the point that under the MINT program they will be applicable for only the provisional visa if they do not have a strong link with the Northern territory.

Now the most relevant point is to be discussed. That how one should access the MINT Program-

  • Contact the Paspalis group directly or an approved migrant professional.
  • Then the applicant needs to pay the placement fee.
  • Within 60 days the applicant’s agent must lodge a migration NT.
  • The applicant will further receive a provisional approval for the visa.
  • Then the applicant is to apply for PIIF 2 investment.
  • Then the PIIF2 will perform AML/KYC for fund transfer and complete the process.
  • Then Migration NT grants State nomination and the visa application is forwarded.

MINT - Darwin Innovation Hub DIH

Now, what are the criteria for a skilled migrant-?

  • Meet all the Australian government’s rules.
  • If there is not a strong link to Northern Territory then must be an international student.
  • Must be in the nomination list for occupation in Northern Territory skilled occupation list or Australian government list.