Excellent Décor Presentation With the Best LED Lighting

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As you’ve read here, each situation requires a type of presence sensor for proper lighting. Find out which are the best places to use each type.

Indoor use: ceiling or wall

A more versatile type of battery-powered led lights solution for you to install in your home or the corporate environment is the one that allows you to fix it on the ceiling or the wall. Suitable for indoor environments, it has a hinged rod so you can direct the sensor to the area of ​​greatest movement (focused on a door, for example, to make the light turn on whenever someone passes through it).

This feature helps increase energy savings, as it prevents the lamp from being turned on improperly when the environment is bright or when lighting is unnecessary.

In addition, these sensors offer a presence detection angle of up to 360° and a range of 5 meters, which will eliminate the possibility of it not triggering when someone passes through space where it is installed.

The BLS T401 Closet Light is a super bright light with 200 Lumens. Both the motion sensor and light beams are adjustable to get optimal lighting effect. It is built with the latest 4000mAh UL certified rechargeable battery. Each charge lasts up to 6 months. The slide switch is easy to use for both seniors and the young. Very convenient to use the light as it turns on automatically when you come close to it. With 18 months warranty, the BLS T401 Motion Sensor Light is over best value product.

Indoor use: roof

If you need to expand the sensor’s range and thus multiply the efficiency of this device to save energy, the ideal ones for you are those that offer the greatest detection range. In addition to the 360º angle, making it easy to identify whoever is passing by, the infrared sensor can measure heat sources that are up to 18 meters away from where they are installed, depending on the model chosen. This feature enables use in larger environments, both at home and in commercial real estate, a home party area, or a small business warehouse.

They also offer photocell under-counter light fixtures, which disables the lamp from turning on during the day, even though it detects movement. This function, however, can be configured by the user, who can disable it if desired.

Internal use: Plug and Play

In addition to the features you learned about in this text, some do not require any technical knowledge and start working as soon as they are connected to electricity.

To start working, simply remove the lamp from the socket, screw the sensor in, and put the lamp back in again. This component is compatible with all types of lighting up to 60 Watts, and it also has a photoelectric cell and a good coverage area.


All the sensors you met in this text have a light on duration time setting. Through a button on the product itself, it is possible to determine any duration from the presence detection, from 10 seconds to 10 minutes (depending on the model). They are also compatible with the most common lamps on the market, whether incandescent, compact fluorescent, or LED and have a three-year warranty.

ASIN1: B07353W4V2
CUSTOMER PAIN POINT: It’s expensive and difficult to install new light fixtures.