Expanded Metals: Single Product, Multiple Benefits 

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Expanded Metal Non JIS standards are made from top-quality metal sheets. You can opt for different types of expanded metal sheets in various sizes, material types, and openings. Different materials are used to make expanded metals such as silver, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. These sheets are uniformly stretched, resulting in hexagonal-shaped openings in the sheet. These openings help in the easy movement of heat, air, light, and sound. The bondings of the diamond-shaped openings of the metal sheet increase the intensity and strength. Since there is no wastage of metal in the expanding process, expanded metal is a cost-efficient alternative to cellulate metal.

Common Applications of Expanded Metal

The diversity of expanded metal makes it the preferred choice for most industrialists. The most common application of expanded metal is a security net for the safety of industrial appliances and electrical instruments or uncalled access to protected areas. The other applications of expanded metals are fences, vents, wire railing mesh, and shelves. Heavy expanded metals made from carbon steel are generally used as treads on stairs for working platforms, oil tanks, enclosed corridors, and passageways. These metal sheets are also widely used in bridges, roadways, railways, catwalks, and steel surfaces.

Most Common Terms Used In Expanded Metal Sheets

The most common terms used in Expanded Metal Non-JIS sheets are listed below. These acronyms are especially applied when you make an order of expanded metal sheets.

  • SWO stands for Short Way of the Openings.
  • LWO is an acronym for Long Way of the Openings.
  • Bonds refer to the intersection of diamond-shaped strands.
  • Strand width
  • Strand thickness
  • LWD refers to the Long Way of design
  • SWD refers to Short Way of design
  • Strands, i.e., a solid portion of the expanded metal sheet.

Why Is Expanded Metal So Much In Demand?

Expanded metal demands its economic property, tailored feature, and multiple usages from construction, interior, exterior, and modern architecture. It is stronger than any similar type of wire mesh. The countless small openings in the metal sheet allow easy flow of water, air, and light. Also, provide an automatic barrier to bigger objects. A noteworthy benefit of using expanded metal sheets over plain sheets is that the uncovered edges of the metal. It provides more adhesion, which helps to use it in ramps or sewerage covers.