Exploring the Biological Inheritance of Childhood Trauma and How to Treat It Naturally

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There are multiple types of traumas, and they all come at different times and through various means. Childhood trauma is a psychological condition that is based on recurring fear that’s past a particular event. The anxiety, on the other hand, can be caused by multiple reasons, and it happens from events experienced by a child. However, we cannot rule out the fact that adults can experience childhood trauma if they never got through an event that happened to them when they were kids. So let’s take a look at what these events might be.

Kids go through a lot of issues when they are young either from school, at home, or in the neighborhood, and these experiences might either break or build them. Some of the incidences that can cause childhood trauma include;

  • Physical abuse from parents or bullies in school
  • Sexual abuse in cases of rape
  • Disasters such as going through a bad experience during a natural calamity, or an epidemic
  • Medical conditions that made them go through a lot of pain
  • Violence-related either from protests, war, and terrorism
  • Grief from losing a loved one.

While the above can is the common causes, some children struggle with acceptance, child trafficking memories, substance abuse from family members, accidents, and other personal issues which lead to trauma. It is also essential to know the red flags so that you can tell when you have a child going through a traumatic period and to know the best childhood trauma treatment that’ll work for them. The symptoms of trauma in children include;

  • Emotional upset
  • Changes in behavior
  • Withdrawal
  • Loss of zeal even in skills well known to them
  • Reduced attention in school
  • Poor sleeping and eating habits
  • Anxiety and depression signs
  • Forming attachments to specific things and habits
  • Nightmares
  • Poor health conditions.

As the individual grows, then the symptoms might escalate depending on their ages. Some of the traumas might lead to drug abuse, poor life decisions, and failing to step up in specific responsibilities like work and family-related ones.

The Science behind Biological Inheritance of Childhood Trauma

There’s a lot of research being done to see how parents who have had past traumas can pass the burden on their children. We all know how genes carry a lot of characters from parents, from mental ability, physical appearance, individual behaviors, and as far as activities are done. You might wonder why there are families known for their business success, fishing skills, sportspersons, etc. Particular events in someone’s life might alter how his/her DNA will be expressed in the later generations. Traumatic events cause changes in a person’s characteristics, and that will be carried through to their offspring and the next generation, although the latter might have rather harsh implications.

Example: For a person who went through a rape experience at a tender age, then they will grow up fearing and hating everything to do with rape, and that will be carried on to their child. Every time the child walks home from school, they’ll have that fear that someone might appear from nowhere and do bad things to them whenever they come to a dark street. Furthermore, the case will be worse for the next generation since they might be so afraid to even get to that street.

Natural Ways of Treating Childhood Trauma

The best way to deal with childhood trauma is through therapy. Therapy is regarded as the best childhood trauma treatment because it tends to deal with issues from within. ‘A problem half shared is a problem half solved’, and that is the point where Intensive Therapy Retreats comes in. Retreats bring people together, those who are going through a similar traumatic problem but with different stories to tell. You get to share with people who are there for the same reason, which is to get help, and those who won’t judge you.

The sharing provides room for healing and moving on since you will begin to get guidance and counseling sessions and also practice activities that will help to clear your mind. The move will not only help you as an individual but will also save your future offspring from the agony of trauma in events they never experience. Healing is, however, a journey and with discipline and willingness, you will eventually move on entirely and make peace with everything.