Factors to consider when looking for a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider

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Cloud is undeniably one of the biggest catchwords of the era. Captivated by its security and flexibility factor, many companies implement cloud solutions as an alternative to their in-house storage. However, for you to manage the cloud and your core business operation can be formidable and intrusive. There will be so much eruption of the data, compliance, escalations, and support resources matters. Here are some factors that your business can consider before hiring a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider.

Service offerings

Today, many cloud service providers offer a wide range of services, from basic infrastructure to a platform as a service. Ensure that the service provider you want to hire will deliver to your company a robust set of services and offerings across the database, business intelligence, delivery, and content, as well as infrastructure services such as network security, storage, and compute.

Managed services

Supposing you are looking for a service provider to help you with management, installation of applications, and configuration services. Research by enquiring about several companies that offer these services. In addition to the essential infrastructure, find a provider who can replace your abilities and needs.

High availability

Most companies today are expanding and becoming multinationals. Some have service clients and stakeholders all around the globe. Suppose you want to migrate or provide workloads to various regions within a central place. Ensure that you can successfully meet all the global requirements and that the cloud provider you choose will offer you services in those areas. Additionally, consider the kind of support services that will allow you to scale them to your business needs.

Industry standards

The vendor you choose should be well-informed about the industry’s privacy and security compliance regulations. Check if the firm can help you meet all the new regulations and requirements of global security standards. These are critical audit standards that must be met, especially if you are dealing with financial data and you are in public sectors.


Enterprises today prefer using the cloud over other data storage platforms as it gives them a multitude of features such as flexibility, adequate security, tenancy, and more. However, a firm considering moving to the cloud would want to have their sensitive data kept safe with strong encryption. Consider a company that will guarantee you the safety of your data even before they are transferred.

Price structure

When choosing a Microsoft could service provider, it is critical that you look out carefully for any hidden and unanticipated charges to avoid future inconveniences and get the best value for your investment. It would be best to perform a cost analysis of different cloud service providers before settling on one. Additionally, ensure that the chosen service provider will be able to scale easily without having to cause long lead times, and simultaneously they can meet some of your future needs if not all.


Infrastructure requirements usually differ around batch-processing needs at times around periods of peak access demand. Ensure that the prodder you choose has means of automating provisioning and de-provisioning infrastructure to increase your performance and cut on cost.