Fake shoes for cheap

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You should definitely buy fakes as long as you don’t scam someone selling them as real however Nike makes a pair of Jordan?s for like under twenty dollars and through limiting how many they make and mark ups charge way too much money for them so I for one fully support buying replicas especially when now a days you can literally get 1:1 pairs that are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from retail pairs so I think It’s perfectly reasonable to buy them all the more so when you take in to account that we live in a free market capitalist society so buy what you want if you want to buy shoes that are sold for a literally thousand times more than they cost to manufacture then by all means do it however if you want to buy exact copies for a much more reasonable price then by all means as well.

My thing about that is even if you got it doesn’t make the price of said items exorbitant and highway robbery. I believe a rich person should still buy the replicas yeezy. How are you bettering yourself in any situation by buying these over priced items retail. whether you can afford them or not? Nd by lowest form of essential materials I mean people shouldn’t be bitching about this. I’m not saying to portray a lifestyle you clearly can’t afford. However if I make 60-70k a year and I want to be smart with my money. Eventhough I can afford the Balenciagas at retail for 1200 you’re going to tell me that would be smart if I can get the same pair for 120? I think it’s dumb for people to swear up and down they’re real but I also don’t think people have to go around announcing they’re fake either.

MegaChin69 yeah man. Really happy with them. They send QC pics and I had my doubts but I think it was because of the lighting and the angle they took the pictures. In real life they’re really amazing. The colours are spot on and also the materials are the same. They’re even more comfortable than my real pairs of Yeezy’s so I was like: wtf?.. And yes they’re real as I bought them from Adidas. So I was kinda shocked. So the Beluga’s you can’t really tell the difference. Maybe the stripe is just a tiny bit shorter but you can’t really tell. I wore them at the club as well and the stripe kinda glows as it should with the real pair. The stripe is very vibrant so when checking the QC pics don’t go too much by the lighting. They’re really good. I was very sceptical but they’re indeed very good.