Find out what wedding trends are to be expected in 2021

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One of the trends that are to be expected in 2021 is a small and informal wedding which only close relatives and friends will be invited to because of covid-19, which will be few hours long which means a small number of photos. Monterey Wedding Photographer will provide you with a protected environment which means the wedding will be short, informal, and outdoor which also brings plenty of themes because outdoor doesn’t have any boundaries when it comes to an outdoor wedding. Which will also lower the risk of covid-19 and protect your people.

A small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream wedding, the arrangements you wanted and at what time of the day you want. In 2021 floral is going to be the thing with tents and twinkling lights because when it comes to outdoor weddings the moonlight, airy, and cozy light theme comes to mind, with this type of theme photos will come exceptional and Monterey Wedding Photographer will be the one to give you the experience of your dream wedding and the photos in future will again take you to the beautiful moment of the past.

One of the trends the planners have to think outside box is of giving the wedding the café aesthetic look where acoustics tribute, dance performances take place and giving the environment light and cozy feeling to it, with small mini cakes instead of the large ones with dark yellow golden hour looking decorative lights. This theme is the perfect opportunity for photography and unique wedding like these are worth taking pictures of, which can inspire other bride and groom to do an exceptional wedding like yours, so Monterey Wedding Photographer can do that for you, also look click California Wedding Photographers for the experience of a lifetime.