Future of Virtual Speed Dating

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It is hard to ignore the fact that virtual speed dating is the new norm. Websites and dating companies have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by organizing virtual dates. Social distance is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus. However, all hope is not lost for the singles. Virtual speed dating is quickly taking over.

What is speed dating, you might wonder? These are events that are organized where each participant meets other potential partners. They converse for a few minutes and move to other dates. They then decide if they are compatible or not. If they both like each other contacts are exchanged. The ongoing pandemic has, however, made dating this way hard.

Virtual speed dating has therefore emerged as the new hot prospect. The reviews so far have been positive. It is easy to see why a future for virtual speed dating is inevitable. Most people are working at home. With social restrictions a need for alternative service was necessary.

Virtual speed dating is an event that is set up online. Participants register to a website and are paired with other participants for a date. A virtual setup is set and the men take turns of approximately four minutes to interact. Once the four minutes are up, they move to the other participants until they fact the perfect match. If two people are matched, they can proceed to message each other. They can then organize a second date either virtually or in real life.

Virtual speed dating has already become part of us. It is hard to see this practice phase away. This is the dating for the future. The advantages of virtual dating far outweigh the demerits. The fact that you go on dates at the comfort of your home gives you the advantage of being in familiar surroundings. This means less anxiety therefore more confidence.

Those butterflies that happen when you are on your first date can be chilling. They may result in a long period of awkward silence. Virtual speed dating gives you less time to worry about if you are wearing the right clothes if he/she likes you and any other distractions. If you feel you are not comfortable with one date you only have four minutes to move to the next. This is the best place to test your social interaction skills and get to meet new people.

The future of virtual speed dating is bright. With the ability to register using any device offered by most companies, it is hard to see why anybody would be held back. Modern and future technology has also made it possible to conduct video calls seamlessly. Ever heard of zoom? Meetings, school lessons and everything else being conducted online. It is time people also embraced online virtual dating.

Virtual speed dating will get you out of your comfort zone. if you are ready for a challenge put yourself out there. You might just land that Perfect soulmate. It is also a step away from the “traditional” online dating.  Be part of this evolutional journey by signing up and booking for a virtual speed dating event.