Go Around to Riau Archipelago: Natuna, Anambas and Karimun Island

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Expect to find lots of stunning beaches whilst watching the gold beams of sunset, where you can relax on the sand that is cushioned when travelling to Riau Archipelago. Riau Archipelago is the ideal escape for people who wish to unwind and eliminate the track of time in subtropical character that is beautiful. It’s possible thanks to the beaches here, which are known for their serene and undisturbed surroundings.

Natuna Islands

A destination for beach lovers, Natuna islands consists of roughly 272 islets which are currently stretching in the South China Sea’s north. You are allowed to explore its natural beauty by a holiday on the islands. With marine life and its coastline, it is only right to make the most of a Natuna getaway by engaging in a few adventurous water sports.

When visiting Natuna, Batu Kasah must be on your list. Located in the South Banguran area, the beach is one and a half-hour drive away from the town of Ranai, Natuna’s Capital. The Batu Kasah shore extends for about five km. With rows of tens of thousands of trees constituting fences round the beach, almost the whole surface is covered with powdery white sand. Best for an escape, the tranquil blue water and soft waves of Batu Kasah create swimming and splashing fun for everybody. Countless granite stones that come in various shapes are scattered around the shore, adding another reason relaxing on this shore is.

Yet another highlight on Natuna Islands is Alif Stone Park. It is a beach with hundreds of andesite stones scattered across the seashore, making a one of a kind, beautiful all-natural scenery. Stroll around the island and cease by various tourist attractions like the Grand Mosque and Sri Serindit Museum. Not to mention, spare some time to find out more about the culture of the community at Sendanu regency. As you’re at Natuna, do not forget to pay a visit to Ranai Beach where you can discover coral reefs and a variety of fish.

To get to the Natuna Islands: It is possible to take a flight to Ranai Airport, Natuna Regency’s Capital. There is little public transport available on the islands. Therefore it is recommended to rent a private car and driver that is nearby to take you on at your convenience.

The Anambas

Make sure to see Anambas Islands when you are visiting Riau Archipelago. Located in the South China Sea, The Anambas was named Asia’s Best Tropical Isle by in 2013 due to the dazzling view of clear blue seas and green forest. Facing the open sea, the Anambas – consisting of 255 islands – also have loads of areas offering a scenery of coral reefs as well as varied fish habitats.

To take the full advantage of your trip, rent a boat to explore the Anambas. Your eyes will be spoiled with stunning bays, picturesque beaches and azure-blue lagoons with crystal clear water. Do not be afraid to get wet and explore the islands’ underwater gardens that are amazing. Among the famous diving and snorkelling sites in the Anambas have been Penjalin Island, Ayam Island, and Temawan Island.

How to Getting there you can take a trip to Tanjung Pinang. Airlines that operate daily to Tanjung Pinang from Jakarta are Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air. You must take local commercial flights to Matak Airport, also known as Anambas Airport.

Karimun Islands

Karimun is a regency inside the Riau Archipelago, located off Sumatra’s west coast, guarding the southern entrance of the busy Straits of Malacca. Though not as popular as Bintan or Batam, Karimun has something that will never cease to amaze. Here you can find blue, crystal water in Telunas Beach and see the gorgeous colourful reefs. Take a little further, at the northwestern Palawan Beach in Tanjung Balai Karimun. The charms of Palawan Beach lie on mangrove woods, and its white sand surrounding that can provide you with a sense of calmness. And since it’s situated in a secluded location, its natural glow is still clean and well-maintained. There are appropriate hotels and resorts if you want to stay overnight.

How to Get There: You can take a ferry from Batam or Bintan to reach Karimun Islands. To get around, rent a vehicle and driver that is local to produce your trip conveniently.

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