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Guide to Disaster clean-up – Flood cleaning Checklist

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Natural disasters cannot be controlled. They may arrive anywhere, anytime, and any place. Their arrival cannot be controlled, but one can certainly control the damage caused from flood waters. Flood being one of the most common natural disasters can lead to property damages especially in the basement area.

In this article, we shall help you with the basics of water damage clean-up and checklist that will come in handy for you. If you find this article reading informative, do share it with others too as you never know someone may be in similar trouble as yours.

Guide to Disaster clean-up – Flood cleaning Checklist:

  1. Tools:

Do you have all the tools with you that can help you during an emergency crisis? Find out the list of tools that come in handy to clean floodwaters. If you lack some, don’t invest or waste money in buying new as those will be expensive and won’t come for regular use. As an alternative, you can seek support from flood crisis cleaning agency to support you with the cleaning.

  1. Discard perishable items:

You must dispose or discard any perishable items that must have come in contact with the flood waters. We suggest you to dispose any food or beverage that must have got contaminated with floor waters. You never know how and when it must have touched the stuff lying in your house.

  1. Walls and floors:

Both floors and walls are highly prone to floodwater damages. They catch mold and cause structural damage to the pillars of the house. You must remove any liquid through water suction tools and hoses so that the area can be dried efficiently. Some of the reputed flood cleaning services takes care of the cracks and cleaning very carefully.

  1. Furniture:

Fourth important thing on your checklist must be the furniture. You must take all the furniture outside the house before you start the flood water cleaning. Remove everything you can and let those dry under the sun. Your furniture needs to get disinfected before you place it again. Your flooding cleaning service company will take care of it if you have hired someone on contract.


Although you cannot control the weather but you can certainly protect your property and save it from future damages. Continue to follow basics such as regular inspections, renovations, maintenance, sump pump maintenance, etc… To have a flood crisis cleaning company on board, you may check online for the best or visit your nearest center.