Hair Treatments for Bollywood Stars, Fans, and Everyone

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Govinda, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Kapil Sharma, and Sanjay Dutt are all Bollywood stars that have got something in common besides being colleagues in the entertainment industry they’ve all had their struggles with hair loss or baldness. But does this look obvious at the moment? – Not in the least and that’s because they took steps to address the situation. Most of these celebs have visited some of the best hair clinics in India to consult with a trichologist or hair doctor to find a viable solution.

You might have sometimes heard probably on celebrity gossip news roundup about certain bald actors going for follicular unit transplantation (FUT) to restore lost or scanty hair. This procedure is a subcategory of hair transplant, and it should be performed by a cosmetic surgeon and hair specialists with notable experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the scalp area. Generally, hair transplant has to do with obtaining hair follicles – after cutting through the scalp – from the part with good hair growth and transferring them to the area of scarcity. At The Esthetic ClinicsDr. Debraj Shome, one of India’s most revered cosmetic surgeons, has led a team of experts in carrying out this protocol on several individuals suffering permanent or stubborn hair loss. Scalp reduction and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the other types of hair transplants that can be performed at our clinic.

Celebrities, as well as any other person, can also have other hair treatments in India. For example, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical procedure that does not come with complications like it is attainable during and/or after a hair transplant procedure. This therapy is predicated upon the nutritional benefits of concentrated plasma which is injected underneath the affected scalp. Although a couple of success stories have been recorded with the use of PRP hair treatment, there are ample controversies over its effectiveness as only approximately 1 in 5 persons receiving the therapy have their hair satisfactorily regrown. Even at that, PRP therapy is relatively less cost-effective.

Another non-surgical best hair treatment that is now regarded as the ‘rave of the moment’ is QR678, a formulation that is founded on scientific research, and has proven to be about the best hair treatment for men and women in India.

To find out more about how QR678 treatment works to give a satisfactory hair re-growth, watch below video

To see how QR 678 work, See the below video-

QR678 is FDA-approved and contains peptides, minerals, vitamins, and growth factors sourced from plants. So good is this wonder solution that is now being recommended for treating various cases of hair loss – be it pattern hair loss, stress-related hair loss, or the loss of hair arising from chemotherapeutic intervention. It is worth noting that QR678 was developed by Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr.Rinky Kapoor after about 10 years of intensive research, and the therapy is currently embraced across Europe and the United Kingdom. 

Best hair treatment in Mumbai, India for hair loss, fall in men and women by QR678, The Esthetic Clinics

QR678 therapy has gradually become a credible and potent hair treatment solution for celebrities and every other person who desires to put a stop to hair thinning while promoting the regrowth of lost hair in quick time. QR678 is indeed a wonderful hair fall treatment and it has been noted to provide 300% better outcome than what is attainable with platelet-rich plasma treatment – this is based on the report presented by Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research. 

Best hair treatment in Mumbai, India for hair loss, fall in men and women by QR678, The Esthetic Clinics

QR678 treatment has also been recognized by the Global Cosmetic Surgery scientific team, a body of cosmetic surgeons that works and reviews new innovations on hair treatments and other cosmetic concerns.