Here are some lesser-known Benefits of Car Insurance Plans 

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It is a well-known fact that auto insurance comes in handy when your car is involved in an accident. However, did you know that insurance premiums can be made really affordable by taking just a few steps? Did you know you can apply for insurance within minutes? To know more about all such lesser-known benefits of getting auto insurance, read on.

  1. Mandatory for legal reasons

The most important reason to buy car insurance is that it’s mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Now, there are three main types of auto insurance that you can apply for – third-party insurance, a comprehensive plan, and a stand-alone damage policy.

As per the law, you need to have third-party insurance. Whether you also get a comprehensive plan or stand-alone damage policy is entirely up to you. All in all, you get a lot of freedom of choice even when buying car insurance plans.

  1. Insurance coverage is affordable

Insurance coverage is more affordable than you think. All you need is a comprehensive car insurance policy and the add-ons that suit you. There is no need to get all the add-ons because that will increase the premium. So, if you get only the necessary add-ons, then you can have a pretty affordable insurance policy at your disposal.

  1. Saving up on insurance premiums is possible

Did you know that you can even save up on your insurance premiums? Now, there are several ways to do that. First off, if you do not make any claims in the first year of the policy, then you get a discount on the premium as per the no-claim bonus benefit. Secondly, when you install certified anti-theft devices in your car, you can ask for a lower premium. Thus, there are ways to make your car insurance plans even more affordable.

  1. A way to protect yourself from uncertainties

You would never want to land up in an accident, but there is always a risk of that happening when you are on the road. When you have an insurance policy, you get that sense of financial security in case of a collision. Even if your car is damaged in the accident, it does not amount to a total financial loss. You know that you can recover a major chunk of the money through insurance.

  1. The ease of getting car insurance

A good auto insurance policy with reasonable terms and conditions and an affordable premium is more easily available than you think. You might need to look into a couple of options and evaluate your budget for the premium. That’s all! These days, you can even apply for an insurance policy online within minutes.

The final note

As you can see, auto insurance provides more benefits than one. Besides, you need an insurance policy for both practical and legal reasons. So, did you submit that insurance application for your car yet?

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