HONOR Watch Magic, a Powerful Smart Watch

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HONOR Watch Magic has a gorgeous appearance and more powerful performance. Let’s look at the HONOR Watch Magic review. We can understand the function of this watch.

HONOR Watch Magic has some competitive functions. It has long endurance for one week. It employs three satellite positioning systems. It has ultra-high appearance with a thickness of only 9.8 mm. The watch supports for heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring etc.

HONOR Smart Watch uses Trusleep Scientific Sleep Monitoring Technology. It can monitor the wearer’s sleep quality throughout the process. You can analyze the user’s sleep structure. This watch naturally identifies deep sleep, light sleep and sleep stages. Sleep score can obtain sleep quality. The watch adds AI technology independently developed by HONOR. So, it can help solve users’ sleep problems. It provides detailed improvement suggestions to improve sleep quality.

This smart watch can provide step statistics. There are some daily activity monitoring data. Statistics of standing after sitting for a long time. The time of high-intensity activities throughout the day, etc. These functions are practical for office workers. It can help users understand their physical condition in the fast-paced life.

In addition, the three major satellite system localization is one of the highlights. It combines with accurate trajectory optimization algorithm. So, it can realize one-to-one trajectory optimization for complex scenes. The effect is practical for daily travel.

Not only that, HONOR supports data monitoring at 3D distance. There are height, altitude, climb, heart rate, etc. It provides users with real-time data during mountaineering. Heart rate, pressure and sleep quality in a whole day. Wrist optical heart rate sensor obtains information of each heart rate change. Even when you are asleep. It is monitoring your health. The watch spends the whole day looking after your body and mind. You can remind your heart rate whether is high or low. Breathing training information can remind you adjust yourself anytime and anywhere. You can focus on breathing to relieve pressure. The watch protects your health every minute and second.

Its endurance is crediting its chip. The chip is a self-developed chip. This watch uses a dual-core architecture. The high-performance and energy-efficient dual chips are combined to work together. This meets the requirements of high performance. A single chip can’t do that. It controls the energy consumption. Deep intelligent optimization of power saves algorithm. HONOR Watch Magic has automatic identification of state. It has reasonable distribution of energy consumption. It lasts for a week on a single charge.

The overall light and thin design of HONOR Watch Magic brings more comfortable experience. It can meet the needs of users for outdoor sports.