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The Right Settings for Condo Designs

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Do you want to replace your windows with double glazing or touch a load-bearing wall in your apartment? Before starting work on your condominium, know that there are a few rules to follow which vary depending on the nature of the work to be done. What authorizations should be obtained and who to ask for them? Here is the advice of our experts for a serene site.

Familiarize yourself with the co-ownership regulations before starting your work

Remember to send the co-ownership regulations to the professional in charge of studies and works. He will check if there are any particular indications concerning the work schedule. Condominiums can indeed impose different constraints on the days of intervention and the schedules of the site.

The professional will also see if steps must be taken to the general meeting if you wish:

Replace your windows with double glazing and change your damaged shutters. The custom is to respect the exterior appearance of the existing windows and shutters to maintain the uniformity of the entire façade.

Replace your landing door with a well-secured armored door. Some condominiums require keeping the original exterior to maintain consistency between the apartments.

Change your floor coverings

Conditions to be observed may be indicated in the co-ownership regulations. For example, the sound performance of the floor covering must not be reduced, so as not to generate noise pollution for your neighbor below. You may need to request authorization from the condominium trustee or from the General Assembly of co-owners

How to choose the right floor coverings?

Equipment & Materials

Make sure you have the agreement of the syndicate of co-owners for major renovation projects. For larger work, the procedure is different. Did you know? 

  • Touching a load-bearing wall, removing a chimney flue or a condemned garbage chute to save space, piercing the slab or the facade for ventilation or the boiler, enlarging a window. All these works affect the common areas of a building. To carry them out, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the syndicate of co-owners.
  • If you carry out the work without obtaining the agreement by a vote at a general meeting, the co-ownership may require the restoration of the premises at your expense.
  • The law only requires that the draft decision be notified to the co-owners, at the latest at the same time as the agenda of the general meeting.

But to reach an agreement, we advise you to add the question to the agenda and to provide plans, estimates and studies so that they are attached to the convocation of each. It is important to be transparent to avoid any problems with your neighbors and to maintain good relations.

Our advice

At this meeting, present your complete file clearly and take the time to answer all questions. The goal? Reassure about the good design of your project and that the work will have no impact on the building and other housing.Do not forget to ask for all the town planning authorizations you may need. The agreement of the general assembly of co-owners is not sufficient.

What are the administrative procedures to be done during renovation work?What are the hours to be respected for the construction of your apartment?

The tolerance time slots for construction noise are regulated by municipal or prefectural decrees.

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