How a Divorce Paralegal Can Help During A Divorce

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Be seeking the help of or hiring a divorce paralegal, first of all, we should know who is a paralegal? A paralegal is an assistant to a lawyer. He is a well-qualified person who performs the various function of his lawyer. The main tasks of a paralegal include helping his employer in trials, hearings, and corporate meetings. He gathers information in trials and from clients, analyzes them, and presents the crux of the matter to his lawyer.

If a Divorce is

  1. An amicable divorce
  2. No kids are involved
  3. There are no property issues
  4. There are no financial obligations to be shared

then it possible to file for divorce without a lawyer. Here, one should hire a Paralegal in place of a divorce lawyer.

A divorce paralegal is well-qualified to help in a divorce case in way of filling the requisite forms. A paralegal is a great help in bringing his client’s divorce paperwork in order. He is experienced enough to handle minor details of the court which one can miss when not hiring a lawyer. A Divorce Paralegal can support you every step of the way and make procedures a bit easier on his clients.

Before hiring divorce paralegal services make sure that the paralegal is assisting a good divorce lawyer. He should have enough work experience to handle a case on his own. He should be a registered divorce paralegal. Apart from his qualification, his appearance should also be presentable. He should be organized both in his work and workplace as an organized paralegal is more capable of representing his clients and there is less chance of client’s documents being misplaced.

A divorce paralegal is very pocket-friendly. He would charge way less than a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer would charge huge amounts on an appearance to appearance basis, On the other hand, a divorce paralegal is very cost-effective. If there are no major issues as stated above, a lot of money can be saved by both parties involved. The only thing that you need to take care of is to ensure that the paralegal has a good ear. He should let his clients speak and should listen to them patiently.

Here it is important to quote that while hiring a divorce paralegal is easy and a more cost-effective option, it has its limitations. A divorce paralegal can only help you in your divorce case. He cannot appear in front of the court, as his level of knowledge is limited as compared to a divorce attorney. So, his assistance which he can provide is also limited. A divorce lawyer can do all the work of a divorce paralegal but a divorce paralegal can perform only the limited functions of a divorce lawyer.

It is always advisable to hire a good divorce paralegal if circumstances allow because they can devote more time as compared to the divorce lawyer. Also, they charge a whole lot less and can bring a smile to your pocket.