How Did Queen Elizabeth I’s Reign Begin?

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When was Elizabeth crowned?

According to many facts, Queen Elizabeth was an unexpected girl child of the father Henry the VIII, formally known as the King of England and mother Anne Boylen. There was no chance that Elizabeth will be the next queen of England. 

You may have read in your history books that Edward was the next king after the death of his father. It goes as per the orders of shifting the power within the family member so that the throne does not get a decline in the course of time. 

Whenever a king dies, their progeny will get the title of the king if they are male. This might be the reason why Henry VIII was expecting a boy child rather than a girl. 

Few years after Edward became the former king, his body succumbed to a serious illness, which resulted in death.

Since then, Elizabeth’s catholic half-sister “Mary” becomes the queen. And here comes the twist. Mary looks at Elizabeth as a rival and throws her into the Tower of London. 

Elizabeth the I has a completely different history. First, her mother was executed, and then her sister puts her behind bars just to clear out the way for marrying Philip of Spain and breaking the policy of being queen.

While the ignore Elizabeth was spending her time in prison, Mary was struggling to keep up with her health issue. Officials and leader of the protestant community pushed Elizabeth to gain the title of Queen when Mary face death. 

The beginning of the Elizabethan era

In 1559 Elizabeth was rushed towards Westminster Abbey and crowned the queen of England. Hereafter 25 years of hardship, Elizabeth I finally realized that she was the ultimate power and most important person in London.

Back when Elizabeth the I crowed as the Queen of London in 1559, things got changed immensely. She was the symbol of last hope for the protestants in Mary’s Catholic England.

In the Elizabethan era, legends like Shakespeare and many more showed up because of the queen’s extraordinary support for English literature. After all, she was fond of learning new languages and ideas from her childhood, due to which the support for literature comes out naturally.

More details on Elizabethan Era

The queen and the Tudor state started creating a space for England’s development and economic prosperity. Elizabeth was not only limited to London and England; she ensures the proper reach to other neighbouring like Ireland and so on.

Moreover, she often refers to the suggestions of experts and advisories for many purposes. When Elizabeth I came up as the queen, her kingdom was nothing but an isolated island rejected by the catholic countries.

England was not a global power before the Elizabethan era, but after when she became the queen, the territory saw a massive build-up in its economic power and military build-up. 

The main focus was to increase the good relationship with the diplomats of other nation and make a friendly relation with them, and spread the influence of her power across the globe.