How Is Tej Kholi & Ruit Foundation Combating Needless Blindness?

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You will come across very few people like Tej Kohli. Who is he? Meet Tej Kohli – the technologist and real estate investor who helps start-ups in AI, robotics, biotech, and exports. He is best known for starting the Tej Kohli  & Ruit Foundation, which screened 128,094 people in the developing world for cataract blindness in 2021. It was a step toward fulfilling Kohli’s plan to cure 500,000 people of unnecessary blindness by 2026.

Tej Kohli changed his path from being a businessman to becoming an investor and dedicated his life to philanthropy when he sold his group of e-commerce and online payments businesses starting in 2006. Since these significant liquidity events, Tej Kohli has endeavoured to use technology can make people’s lives better. He has backed companies worldwide and continues to invest in real estate and e-commerce.

Using Business Profits To Cure Blindness

Tej Kohli and his family pay for everything that the Tej Kohli eye foundation and the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation do. This money comes from the trade sales of several businesses that Tej Kohli started between 1999 and 2006. This group of companies, including EstacionTramar, increased because they were experts in online payment gateways and fraud defence for customers in high-risk industries.

The Mission of Tej Kohli to Fight Blindness

The World Health Organization says that 90% of blind and severely visually impaired people live in the poorest countries. Blindness and being poor both cause and are caused by each other. This leads to a downward spiral of inequality and poverty that slows whole communities’ social and economic growth.

In 2010, Tej Kohli paid for his first donor cornea free eye surgery by Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation at India’s Niramaya Hospital. He was there at the time when a 50-year-old man who had been blind for 20 years saw his wife and mature children for the first time. This led Tej to decide that his life’s work would be to stop needless blindness in the world’s poorest places.

Tej Kohli’s Work for Global Health

The approach of philanthropist Tej Kohli is based on the idea that the world’s biggest health problems can only be solved when hundreds of organizations, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments, work together. In 2020, Tej Kohli gave $100,000 to a COVID-19 Vaccine Development Fund at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, a Harvard-affiliated sanatorium in Boston, USA. In addition, he donated extensively so that cataract surgeries for free could be performed along with other business owners and charitable foundations.


Tej Kohli thinks that bringing together the cutting edge of AI and biotech can resolve some of the world’s major public health problems and improve people’s lives. The cost-benefit ratio of biotechnology improves by a factor of ten every year. This is because technology is improving at an exponential rate.