How long does settlement of Slip and fall accidents take in New York City?

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People who have been injured due to slip and fall causes have queries regarding the time period in which the case will be settled. It actually depends on a number of things including the kind of personal injury lawyer you hire, which is the most important. Ultimately he is the one to sort out your case.

Solving a slip and accident case is not easy as you think. The New York attorneys can help you in every step to explain what you deserve. They will resolve the case by collecting strong evidences to make the case stand strong in front of the opponents. As far as the time line is concerned, the information given below will give an idea about the process.

  • Investigations of the case– The attorney will investigate your case and his first thing to determine is who is accountable for the accident. Insurances are of different types and your attorney will make evaluations of your injuries in order to determine the insurance that is available.
  • Filing the complaint– When you should complaint after an accident is one of the most asked questions. The timing is usually decided by the attorney. There is a stipulated time frame within which the case has to be filed. It can be done within a week after the accident has taken place. The case goes up for trial if things are not settled outside the court. The time frame for filing a lawsuit is usually 3 years from the accident date. Slip and fall accidents, fire accidents are very common in properties that are not maintained. It is the duty of the property holder to ensure a safe life of the tenants. You can file a lawsuit if any of your loved ones have faced such incidents in New York. You can read the case on TERRIBLE HARLEM FIRE STEALS LIFE FROM 6 IN NYCHA BUILDING to know more about the fire accident in NYCHA.
  • Waiting for the defendant to respond– After the case has been filed; there is a stipulated time period within which the defendant has to respond (Maximum 20 days).
  • Discovery phase- In this stage, both the parties will counter question one another to obtain as much information as possible from the case. However, the time taken in this phase is not bounded by any time frame and will vary from one case to another.

It all depends on the experience of the construction site accident attorney in how many days the case will be settled. In some cases, the time needed might be fewer weeks or months and for complex issues, it can take more than a year or so.