How to arrange a birthday party for an adult

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It is not an easy task to surprise children but it’s even harder to impress an adult at his birthday party. Let’s look through original ways of congratulations and decorations. The festive decoration of the birthday room or banquet venue will ensure the guests’ mood. Before ordering the services of a designer or buying decorative elements and materials you should think about the colors and style in which the birthday will be held.

The first idea is to decorate the wall with vivid photos of the birthday person with loved ones. This method of decoration will be a pleasant surprise and will leave only warm memories. In the photo there may be children’s pictures, and it will be appropriate to arrange the photo with pleasant comments. If you add simple helium balloons in the shape of stars to the photos, the wall will turn into a full-fledged photo zone. And the guests will take beautiful pictures in memory of the holiday.

While celebrating at home, it is important not to forget about decorating the table as guests will spend a lot of time behind it. A clean elegant-colored or snow-white tablecloth completed with bright dishes can create a festive atmosphere and comfort. It is advisable to pick up fabric rather than paper, and in tone with the design of the room it will add solemnity. Do not forget about curtains – it will be appropriate to decorate them with butterflies or flowers that can be bought or made. Next to each cutlery there should be a harmonious small bouquet of fresh flowers. Put the bouquet in a glass with water or place it in a small basket. This way of decoration will add freshness and tenderness to the holiday.

In a designated place, arrange the box and small sheets of paper. Let the guests leave some pleasant wishes. If the party is planned in a specific style it is possible to ask guests to wear dresses of certain colors. Then the holiday will turn out original and refined. Think in advance of the musical accompaniment of the birthday party and record the necessary music that will be pleasant both for the birthday party and guests. Perhaps it will be classic music or jazz.

Celebration in nature has many advantages and several disadvantages. Balloons will come to the rescue – helium or simple ones will look good on the trees and backs of chairs. If an awning from the sun and rain is provided then this can be another object for decoration. Tied with balloons and garlands it can create a fairytale in the forest. With this type of relaxation it is important not to overdo it with the scenery, so as not to overshadow the beauty of nature. Also do not forget to remove the balloons from the trees after the end of the holiday. If necessary the tent can be built with your own hands. To do this you will need ribbons and tree branches. This design will serve as a practical decoration at the birthday party. Fresh wildflowers and a checkered tablecloth will look bright and colorful.

Burning candles in glasses, compositions of balloons and flowers can create a harmonious atmosphere of warmth and joy. Paper balloons and pom-poms look original and fun. Especially if they are combined with other elements of the decor in colors.

A festive table will help to decorate a multi-tiered stand for sweets. It solemnly accommodates a cake and other treats. Don’t forget to arrange the same stand with fruits and sweets nearby.

Making a photozone for a birthday party is a responsible but not difficult task. Mylar balloons ( in the form of numbers in a composition with round latex balls will create a bright and beautiful wall for a photo. If the birthday person doesn’t want to demonstrate his/her age, ideas to create a composition of monophonic balls at different levels come to the rescue. Such a photozone will be voluminous, airy and stylish. The photo space decorated with large mylar rings also looks stylish. The design looks like a chain but soft and interesting. Multi-colored rings in the same color scheme or contrasting look advantageous.

What can you present adults for a birthday? It depends on the age, interests and gender of the birthday person. Flowers and fruit bouquets for women, cognac barrels and cufflinks for men and helium balloons. Modern manufacturers have a huge arsenal of balloons:

  • The composition with an individual inscription and wishes  or recognition. This gift can be presented in a serious or comic form to both the boss and friend.
  • Sets (helium balloons compositions). Mono-balloons or a combination of colors that the birthday person likes, of course, will cause delight, pleasant emotions and joy. You can dilute the composition with marble balls or with confetti – it’s possible to get a stylish solution to congratulations and beautiful photos on a memorable day.
  • Adults are small children inside and most of them have their favorite cartoon, comics or sagas characters. Mylar balloons with the characters of Star Wars, Marvel comics, Unicorns – will delight the birthday person and return to a carefree childhood. The subject of mylar balloons is so diverse that there always will be something to surprise a football player, musician, racer etc.