How to Build a House With the Planet in Mind

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When you start building on a previously undeveloped piece of land, you have a responsibility to do so in an environmentally-friendly manner. As you finalize your construction plans, make sure to keep these planet-loving tips in mind.

Remove All Hazardous Materials

Most people associate hazardous materials such as lead with old houses. However, similar issues occur with new buildings because of the existing environmental problems. If the soil that you are building on has many contaminants, laying your foundation can disturb these pollutants and drive them deeper into the dirt. To prevent further contamination, schedule a professional site excavation Farmingdale NJ.

Look Before You Cut

If you’re building on land that hasn’t been cleared yet, you need to cut down trees to make room for your property. Before bringing in a professional tree removal company, examine the trees on your property. Do any of them look particularly old or beautiful? Are any already sick or dead? After answering these questions, determine if you can adjust your building location to preserve trees that still filter toxins from the environment and produce oxygen.

Account for Groundwater

Groundwater is an important natural resource that provides water for plants and animals and is sometimes accessed by wells and municipal water treatment plants. When you dig into the ground to build your house, you risk tapping into natural aquifers and wasting or ruining the water they hold. Speak to a local environmental expert about the best ways to avoid disturbing the groundwater on your property.

Constructing a new house does not have to be harmful to the environment. These steps take more time than simply following a construction company’s plan. However, the extra time and money are an investment in the health of the plant, which is worth more than a quick and sloppy building job.