How to choose boots in 2021 for hiking and trekking?

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How to choose boots in 2021 for hiking and trekking

Choosing the best hiking boots can be a nightmare if you don’t know which model to buy and why. The path to choose is to understand what you intend to use your boots for exactly. To start, reflect on the type of routes you usually take and identify which of these categories best include –

  • Walks in the countryside by roads or smooth paths with little difference,
  • Mountain trails that can be very irregular but only one day,
  • Long routes of several days on mountain trails with a heavy backpack.

Flexible model suitable for soft walks

If you want casual countryside hiking, you should look for lightweight, flexible boots, usually made of synthetic materials, lighter, and more breathable. You will find models that keep your foot cool and breathable as they have ventilated areas. Other models keep your foot warmer in low temperatures as they have less ventilation. The use of trail running shoes is increasingly popular in hikes of this type. Flexible hiking shoes are very light sneakers with good cushioning and good traction.

Boots or shoes with greater rigidity

If your trekking activities fit into the second scenario, it means that you make day trips to the mountain to go through challenging trails or enjoy the landscapes they offer. As you will not be carrying much weight, you can also consider hiking shoes for men instead of boots for more freedom of the ankle. If you tend to sprain or injure your ankles, opt for hiking boots. For this type of use, whether you choose boots or shoes, look for models with a little more rigidity to provide practical support to the foot on uneven terrain.

Trekking boots with ankle protection

With a backpack for a trek of several days (the entire load can easily reach up to 8 to 10 kg), it is no longer recommended to wear hiking or trekking shoes. In this case, buying hiking boots would be ideal. The shoes must have good cushioning. For this type of trekking in hilly areas, buying men’s waterproof hiking boots is a perfect choice. A hiking boot guarantees good protection and balance of the ankles since our center of gravity is altered with a backpack on the back. Look for models with some reinforcement around the sole to give protection to the foot and reduce the wear caused by abrasion. The materials of these models are primarily synthetic or a mixture of synthetic and leather.