How to Choose Tactical Clothes?

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There is a huge misconception that needs to be dealt with before you can choose tactical clothes effectively. This issue was created by civilians wearing such clothes. Namely, tactical clothes are not only there to be comfortable, but to extend your range of tactical options, thus the name.

Primarily, they are used to retain the combat ability of soldiers in harsh environments. Such protection allows for normal maneuvers and operational standards even where it would otherwise be impossible.

Generally, there are four things that all good tactical choices need to do:

  1. Protection from cold and heat
  2. Moisture regulation and ventilation
  3. Preventing chafing and irritation
  4. Improving movement and stealth

Regretfully, few models would be able to do everything perfectly, and there is nothing simple that can protect from the heat and the cold equally. But, those in the market to buy tactical clothes will be able to find some that can excel in several aspects and be good in all of them.

Always Adapt Tactical Clothes to the Environment

While humans are quite durable, and that goes double for soldiers, there is only a small window where our bodies function at peak performance. This operational range is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 to 26.3 degrees Celsius) and with humidity between 30% and 50%.

Anything below or above that level will require some tactical clothes. And, the more we stray from our ideal conditions we will need more.

This doesn’t mean that soldiers in regular uniforms can’t operate under 65 degrees, but that they won’t be able to maintain their effectiveness as much. With the reduction of tactical abilities, those groups with protection against the cold will have a constant upper hand in any engagement.

If you are able to answer to the environment perfectly, you will retain your full ability in any circumstance. And, as you lower fatigue, discomfort, irritation, and infection you will see the missions to smoother and the soldiers perform increasingly better.

Consider Mobility

Bad environmental conditions are the symptom we are dealing with when choosing the right tactical clothes, but they are not the underlying reason, as we mentioned prior. There is no point in protecting from the elements if that protection will hinder you from performing perfectly.

That is why it is important to consider how your tactical wear will affect your mobility. The materials need to be light and comfortable, as well as stretchable and fitting.

As seen in the models like the TUF™ Thermal Underpants Female, even the models of the same size won’t be identical between men and women. Different curves, as well as different internal thermal regulation on average need to be considered so that every soldier can show their maximum.

Stealth Tactics

Staying unseen is often the best tactic you can use on the battlefield. If you are undetected before the very moment you strike, you will have a much better chance of lowering your casualties and finishing the mission successfully.

Remember that aside from camouflage in visible light where you need to break the line of the body, it is good to have your gear NIR invisible from night vision.