How To Choose The Best Industrial Switchboard

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Industrial Switchboard

Industrial Switch board is a crucial component in a power distribution panel in an industrial building. Its main aim is to distribute electricity within an industrial or commercial building. Electrical switchboards split electrical power feed into multiple branch circuits while offering a protective circuit breaker for every circuit. The maximum voltage of an electrical switchboard is 600 Vac/Vdc, and it has a 6000 A maximum bus rating. 

There are different types of switchboards, including General purpose switchboards, Fusible switchboards, Commercial metering switchboards, Draw-out molded case switchboards, Pow-R-Line XD switchboard and Integrated Facility System (IFS). Let’s look at the factors you should consider when choosing an electric switchboard for industrial use. 


The safety of everyone in the building is very important; that is why you should pay attention whenever you buy an industrial Switchboard. The murderer of the electricity switchboard is to regulate the electricity flowing throughout your building. It’s therefore essential to learn about all the critical specifications of an industrial switch board that will ensure the safety of everyone within the building. 

If you lack information about these types of equipment, you can always consult with your electrician. Luckily the majority of electrical switchboards are equipped with safety features. 

Installation location

Without proper planning, you may not find the best place to install your Industrial Switchboard; that’s why we encourage you to include it during the house planning stage. However, the room where you’ll be installing an electricity switchboard needs to be well aerated to prevent electrical accidents. If there is a chance that kids will be accessing your industrial facility, then it’s advised to install the switchboard where kids can’t access it easily. 


Before choosing an electric switchboard for industrial use, you should consider its efficiency to ensure none of your machines fails due to an ineffective switchboard. Always remember that switchboard functionality and efficiency are correlated. To make your Industrial Switchboard user-friendly, you can consider using color-coding. Again, using an electrical switch with an interlocking mechanism will safeguard your circuit system from failures. 


Their quality and reliability determine the lifespan of industrial switchboards used in an industrial setup. How can you identify electrical equipment with outstanding quality? The way is to buy electrical switchboards from established brands that fully fill all the safety and quality standards. 

Also, you can request feedback from qualified electricians, friends, or family members to help you compare the quality of commonly used industrial electricity switchboards. Furthermore, work with a company that provides outstanding customer services and extended warranty periods. 


Qualities of Industrial Switchboard are determined by various aspects like insulation types, construction type, and the capacity of voltage and current it can hold. Some industrial buildings may require unique futures to ensure optimum operations. That’s why you should rely on a brand that can customize an electricity switch board to meet these demands. 

Not all brands are equipped with the knowledge to handle customization tasks. Still, if you find one capable of strategizing advanced electrical technologies to suit your industry needs, then it will be a good choice.

Installation and maintenance

Installing an industrial switch board is a challenging task that requires the knowledge of an experienced electrician to perform it efficiently and correctly. However, you don’t have to waste money on maintenance if the Industrial Switchboard brand offers maintenance services. 

But again, you must go through the terms and conditions under which these services are offered, so you don’t render your warranty void. If the company can offer installation service, you can enjoy discounted service, so it’s a chance you should take. 


With all the factors we mentioned above, you should be able to find a suitable industrial switch board that will serve you for generations without the need for frequent maintenance. However, you always watch for red flags and avoid switchboards that can cause an explosion in your building.