How To Enhance The Aesthetics Of A Room Through Canvas Prints 

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Hanging canvas prints Australia in your walls can easily transform its aesthetics. However, the problem is finding the right canvas print that will complement the home’s decor and colour. In most instances, the decision will be based on your personal preferences, decorating vision and the environment you wish to create.

How to choose a quality canvas print

  • Some of the most popular canvas prints available in the market today are those with gallery-wrapped edges. A photograph of a landscape or movie poster is printed on canvas and professionally stretched along the sides of a wooden frame. Tightly stretching the canvas is very important to avoid distortions to the image. The fabric is secured by staples without any cut off at the edges. 
  • Decorators who want a traditional look for space opt for the framed canvas prints. The type of frame chosen can add depth to the canvas print. By choosing black, wood and white frames, the display can easily coordinate with the room’s colour and decor. Displaying several photos on a single canvas can be achieved by using a frame that can help pull a collage together and make it stand out. 
  • Collage canvas prints can give life to a wall. A collage canvas will allow you to display multiple memorable photographs or break a single photo into several distinct images for a unique look. 
  • Panoramic canvas prints are the best option to display a magnificent landscape scenery. You can choose from different landscapes or cityscapes to create a stunning focal point for any wall. Panoramic canvas prints are ideal for large empty spaces behind the couch in the living room or the bed in the master bedroom. 

Factors to consider when decorating a wall with canvas prints

The first thing that should be considered is the kind of space available. If canvas prints Australia will be used to spruce up the kitchen or bathroom that is always damp, the artwork chosen must be framed for protection against moisture. 

If the canvas print will be hung on the wall of the master bedroom, it must be gallery-wrapped so that the artwork can be displayed continuously. Beautiful landscapes when printed on canvas will create an appealing focal point in the bedroom. Collage canvas prints are perfect for the children’s bedroom to display their sports photos and school pictures. 

Canvas prints can also be customized with text to commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary or birthday. To make sure that the canvas print will fit the wall, make sure to consult the sizing guide. This is particularly important when space is too large. A proper balance must be carefully considered to create a harmonious space. There are “best areas” in a room that will highlight the beauty of the canvas prints.