How to Get a Duplicate RC Book for Your Car?

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Car ownership is an amazing privilege, as you get to avoid public transport and travel comfortably to your destination. However, as per the law, you must always have your car insurance policy in the car to drive it legally on the road. If you wish to buy vehicle insurance, you can check the car insurance price online on the insurer’s website. Insurance companies for a car also provide a car insurance calculator, which helps you purchase a suitable car insurance plan

What is a Registration Certificate (RC)?

Like vehicle insurance, the Registration Certificate (RC) is also an essential document that you need to be able to drive your car legally. An RC is a document that proves the car is registered with the concerned authorities. The government entirely manages these authorities. As per the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA), every vehicle owner must have a valid RC.

Why is holding an RC important?

The RC is an important document as it holds some essential information as listed below:

  • Registration number of the vehicle 
  • Registration date 
  • Manufacture year
  • Vehicle type 
  • Seating capacity 
  • Chassis number 
  • Engine number 

In the past, the authorities conducted the RC documentation on the paper-based model. However, with the advancement in technology, the RC is now provided as a smart card. 

The Validity of the Registration Certificate (RC)

An RC will be valid for 15 years from the purchase date. You can get the RC renewed after it expires. The renewed document will be valid for the next 5 years. When you purchase the vehicle, you will get a temporary RC from the seller, which will be valid for a month. You can’t extend the validity with a temporary RC. 

What to do When you Misplace your RC?

If your RC book is lost, torn or not in a usable condition and you are caught driving without it, you may be looking at paying hefty fines of up to 5000/- and the authorities will seize your vehicle as well. However, you can apply for a duplicate RC at your closest RTO (Regional Transport Office).  

Steps to Get a Duplicate RC book

  1. Go to the government’s Parivahan Seva website and create an account.
  2. Visit the online services they offer and opt to apply for a Duplicate RC book online. After that step, begin filling in the relevant details like the car’s registered number, Chassis number, etc. After this, verify the owner’s details.
  3. Go to the service details where the website asks you why you are applying for the Duplicate RC book online. If your RC book is stolen or lost, select ‘lost’ and provide the FIR details.
  4. Then move to the insurance details tab present in the status bar and fill in the policy’s details.
  5. Get an appointment at your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) by picking an appropriate time slot.
  6. Gather all the documents required. For a duplicate RC book, the documents that you’ll need are listed below:
    1. You will need to provide the Form 26 application. You must take the PDF file of the form from the Vahan website.
    2. The FIR (First Information Report) would function as a police certificate if your RC book was lost or stolen. You can file the FIR online on the website provided for your respective state or visit the nearest police station.
    3. An affidavit that states RC is lost and has not been found. Get a stamp paper and get the affidavit or get a lawyer to get the document at a reasonable price.
    4. You must provide a PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate. You can collect the document from the Vahan website.
    5. A valid car insurance certificate.
    6. An address proof, like an Aadhar card, or a driving license would work. You must ensure you have the original and the copy.
    7. Tax clearance report from the accounting department. This is only needed for commercial vehicles.
    8. An attested copy of the PAN/Form 60. A PDF version of form 60 and 61 which is available on the website.
    9. A pencil print of the Chassis and Engine number, which is embedded on the vehicle. It will act as an assurance of vehicle ownership.
    10. A document that will work as the signature identification of the owner. You can use documents like the PAN card, Aadhaar card or driving license.
  7. Go to the DMS tab in the status bar to upload the relevant documents. These will include the documents you collected as listed above. 
  8. After uploading documents, finish the application process by going to the fee details and paying the required charges. An LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) will be charged ₹530, including a basic fee of ₹200 for the postal charges and the Smart Card. You must make the payment and print a copy of the receipt. 
  9. Once you have carried out the steps listed above, you must visit the RTO at the decided time with the required documents and the fee receipt. 
  10. After you have handed over the requirements, the process for building your duplicate RC book will begin. If it does not reach you in a week, you must contact the RTO.

Hence, your car’s RC book is an essential document which you must have in your car at all times. If you lose your RC book or it gets stolen, you can apply for a duplicate RC book by following the steps listed above.