How to Get a TCP License and How can it help you in obtaining a transportation charter permit?

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For chartered cars to operate lawfully in the state of California, a valid Transportation Charter Permit (TCP) is required. Charter carriers are established on the ground with the driver charging a price based on kilometers and time instead of the number of people in the vehicle. The Public Utilities Commission of California issued TCPs (CPUC). You need to attend to the documentation with the California Secretary of State, Motor Vehicle Department (DMV), and California Highway Patrol before you complete your application package with the CPUC (CHP).

The TCP License is a legal license to operate in California for charter cars. You must employ professionals if you are in the limo industry and require this license. The charter carrier would have an experienced driver and charge based on the customer’s milage. The number of persons in the car does not charge them. The TCP license is issued by the Public Services Commission

  • Register the business

You must have the business registrar in California before you apply for the California TCP License, as a driver and a limo business owner. You may select the new limousine company if you do not know how the firm is structured; you can seek the aid of these professionals. You can choose the corporate structure that fits your requirements.

  • DMV pull notice program

The critical part of PUC is the program DMV pull notice. The PUC application cannot be completed without receiving the applicant code. This DMV pulls notification code must be received. The procedure needs to begin promptly as soon as you want the idea of the limo service to be realized since DMVs are often backlogged.

  • Assist with the commercial car registration

The applicant for commercial vehicle registration is required to fulfill certain conditions. These are established by PUC. You need to take the aid of how to start a limousine company if you do not want to refuse your application. You are guided only when all conditions have been completed to apply for registration of business cars.

  • Guide you in finding the drug test facility

Some establishments are listed by PUC for lawful drug testing. They will guide you to these approved installations that are closer to your territory when you accept TCP help. The TCP services would cooperate closely with the drug testing facilities to ensure the procedure runs smoothly and effectively.

  • Help you get the insurance carrier

The premium varies from one insurance company. You will have to choose the finest insurance provider who can provide the firm with the most coverage and price. They assist you to receive the premium discount when you deal with the TCP service.

  • Apply for TCP

You must be registered for DVM, followed by commercial vehicle registration if your firm is properly registered. No TCP permission needs to be filled or worried. It would be cared for by the dependable TCP services and completed for you. In only two weeks, you will finish the process of TCP for your limo business.

If you are purchasing insurance for the car, the drug test is done and every document is signed, then TCP works with PUC to speed up the road transport process.

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