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How to increase value for your house, using stage four lockdown

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How to increase value for your house

Stage four lockdown in Melbourne is frustrating but it’s a great chance to put some time into making your home stand out from the crowd once it hits the market. Here’s how you can sell your home for more as soon as lockdown ends.

Amid a global pandemic it’s easy to worry finding a buyer for your home will be a hard sell.

But from washing your dog more regularly to updating your garden, there are ways to help your place stand out in tough times.

Property Manager said while COVID-19 restrictions might limit other parts of your life, there was nothing stopping you from getting your garden looking its best.

Stage 4 is frustrating for sellers, but it’s a great opportunity to take some time to make your home stand out in the market. Here’s how to sell your house for more money when the lockdown ends.

In a global pandemic, it is easy to worry that finding a buyer for your home will be hard to sell.However, there are ways to help your house stand out during tough times. Sightstone suggests that while COVID-19 restrictions may restrict other aspects of your life, nothing prevents you from making your garden look its best.

“Outdoor space is definitely a place you can use and add a lot of value and appeal,” the property expert said.

Mowing your lawn, ordering some new mulch, and replacing old outdoor furniture to help potential buyers imagine they like it are the easiest steps to take.

More advanced items include built-in bench seating or a barbecue area with bench space.

One of Melbourne’s leading builders, Sightstone Property Development, has the following advice to help you sell your home at a better value after Stage 4:

  1. Inside, the kitchen and bathroom should be a priority — not everything should be left to the professionals.Most housekeepers will be able to replace fixtures and fittings, from faucets and shower heads to towel racks.

Better technology retrofitters can even handle vinyl or laminate floor replacements.

  1. Things like broken cabinet doors and cupboards should be replaced.

Home buyers are willing to pay a premium if everything is well done, well presented, and they can enjoy it.

On top of that, isolation is a great time to find everything from water bills to user manuals and home appliance warranties. Owners should also obtain the minutes of the last owners’ corporation meeting.

Before going on the market, you should also consider getting rid of your home odours. Bathe the dog often, clean the teen’s room, and reconsider spicy food options.

If you want to store cheaply, find some basement and roof space for short-term use, use some particleboard for the floor, and use a piece of paper to keep things away from dust.

Property has always had a value-added nature that is difficult to replace, SightStone will help you put your investment plan into practice and bring more economic benefits to consumers. We will implement multi-angle investment plan, to meet the different needs of different customers, and take into account the overall situation and the details of the control. At the beginning of the establishment of the project, we carefully and accurately ponder over each project element, including the surrounding facilities, environment and other factors, and strive to bring rich economic benefits to the customers for each implementation plan. This time, Melbourne’s Stage 4 is extended, leaving many buyers at a loss and some sellers in a panic. However, SightStone tells you that this is not necessary. If you want to invest in real estate, you might as well contact SightStone for free consultation, and we will give you more detailed advice for real estate buying, selling and investment.