How to Keep Your Home in San Antonio, TX Cool This Summer

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Meta: As the mercury rises, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to search for ways to keep their home in San Antonio, TX cool this summer. Here are our top tips.


You don’t need us to tell you that summer in Texas gets ridiculously hot. You might even know of a few ways to keep your home in San Antonio, TX, cool. This article isn’t for you. This article is for people who are relocating to the state and failed to hire a real estate agent in San Antonio who was honest about just how hot it can get. 

For those who just migrated to Texas, here are five tips for keeping your home cool this summer. 

1. Sunny rooms should be painted a light color

When you moved into your home, the homeowner’s real estate agent probably recommended to them to keep color choices neutral. If you’re thinking about painting the walls a dark color, you should first determine how much direct sunlight that particular room is going to get. If you paint a sunny room a dark color, you’re just asking for it to turn into a sauna because dark colors absorb heat; light colors do not. 

If you need bold colors, consider adding pops of color by way of accessories, furniture, and artwork instead of painting the walls. 

2. Drapes aren’t just for the winter

Usually, drapes are reserved for cold temperatures but in Texas? Think of them as your protective shield against the brutal summer heat. The thick material acts like a barrier and keeps cool air inside and the heat outside. 

Bonus points if you purchase heat-blocking curtains, but regular drapes can do the trick as well. 

3. Fans will be your new best friend

This might sound strange, but for the days when it doesn’t feel like a sauna, keep your windows open and put a fan in front of them. In doing so, you’re keeping the air moving, which helps to keep the fresh air moving. Fans can direct the hot air inside the home out and bring the cool air inside.  

4. Give your appliances a break when you can

Your appliances can create a lot of heat and on a hot day, it just makes everything worse. You can reduce some of that unnecessary heat (and electric usage) by looking for alternatives. For example, when you do laundry, hang your clothes outside. If you’re going to make dinner or bake desserts, consider grilling and opting for no-bake desserts. 

5. Traditional bulbs need to go, ASAP

The longer a traditional light bulb is on, the hotter it and the air around it becomes. If there are multiple lights on in a single room, that room is going to get uncomfortably warm. 

You can reduce the heat emitted when you turn on the lights by switching the incandescent bulbs to LED or fluorescent options. These bulbs use less energy (which your electric bill will appreciate), they last longer, and they don’t create as much heat. Fluorescent bulbs give off 90% less heat than incandescent whereas LED gives off 95% less heat. 

Texas is one of the hottest states in the country and Texans need to know all the ways in which they can keep cool during the summer. While this isn’t an extensive list of ways to keep cool as the temperature rises, it’s certainly a start. 

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