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How to Keep Your Tiles Brand-new for Long?

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Many think that it is very difficult to maintain the tiles and keep them fresh and shiny for years. But in reality, it is pretty simple to clean and maintain tiles while keeping them perfect. You can go with the following methods to take care of your tiles in the best way possible. 

Dusting and vacuuming 

Daily dusting and vacuuming might seem overwhelming to many people but it is one of the most effective methods to keep the tiles clean. These daily dusting routines will help the tiles to retain their original sheen and lustre and will also increase their life. This method does not necessarily require chemical cleaners or detergents. You can simply start with dusting, which can be followed by mopping with clean water to keep dust and dirt off your tiles. Also, try drying the wet tiles for that instant shine. 

Stain removal 

Do not let any stain sit for longer on the tiles. If in case you have spilled anything on the floor, pay attention and clean it immediately. This will prevent the occurrence of any stubborn stains on the surface. You can also try using baking powder, vinegar or ammonia to remove stains easily. 

Using domestically available ingredients 

Vinegar is a multi-purpose ingredient which is easily found on our kitchen shelves. It is also a saviour when it comes to cleaning the tiles with ease. You can mix vinegar in half a cup of water and use it to mop the tiles. However, it is preferable to use vinegar on hard tiles like marble or stones. 

Another good alternative is the ammonia solution. This is very much convenient to instantly remove tough and rigid stains off the surfaces. However, one must follow a few precautions before using it. Always mix ammonia with warm water and use it while wearing gloves. Also, the solution must be used in airy ambiences to let the smell dissipate easily. 

Professional help

If your tiles are broken or damaged beyond the capacity of your repair or maintenance, it is ideal to summon the experts. It is best to avoid the DIY strategies in such scenarios and let the experts use the appropriate chemicals to clean and repair the tiles. If by any chance the tiles cannot be repaired, it is best to replace them. 

In this way, the cleaning and maintenance guide will help you increase the life of your Club Ceramic tiles.

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