How to make your Taxi Company more Competitive

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The online taxi business is one of those services that has really impacted the way people travel. Today, there are 1,000s of taxi companies around the world that are battling it out to be at the top that there is constant need to improve your taxi firm to stay competitive in the market.

How were taxis originally hailed?

Since the cars were invented and the start of taxi services in the latter part of the 20th century, people have been hailing cabs, travelling to their chosen location and paying off the driver. This scene has not changed a great deal since the olden times. The major difference is how the cars are hailed.

Earlier, you’d have to wait on the roadside, looking for empty taxis, do a lot of waving and whistling to get the driver’s attention and finally get into one.

In case the travel is pre-booked, you would need to ring up the operator, make a booking, confirm it and then wait for the taxi to arrive on the day.

What has changed today?

Today, all you need to do to get a taxi is to use your smartphone and get a taxi app. The passenger will have to send a request for the trip on the mobile app and if convenient, the driver would accept the ride request and your cab is on the way to pick you up.

The online taxi business has changed the taxi game altogether. There is Taxi Software available these days to help you start an online taxi business with practically no effort.

Si,ply having the software and a few drivers and cabs on your books won’t help you succeed in the business. Here, we discuss a few factors that can help you improve your company and help you stay on top of the game.

Hire loyal drivers to work for you.

A taxi business can only survive if the service quality is high. It is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure the quality of service remains paramount.

The owner, however, does not have direct communication with the passengers. The drivers play a big role in ensuring customer satisfaction as they are the ones who are frequently in touch with the passengers.

The business owner should take care to hire committed and duty-bound drivers. They shouldn’t be interested in just the money, but should have real enthusiasm and positivity when it comes to their jobs.

Efficient communication between the operators and the drivers.

More often than not, we’ve been in a spot when the taxi was supposed to arrive in five minutes, according to the operator but it has been more than 15 minutes and the taxi has not arrived yet.

At times, this could be down to traffic issues but quite often, the drivers fail to communicate the right time of arrival to the operator who in turn conveys false timing to the passenger.

Online marketing

The best tip to get your taxi business to the top – Get online.

Create a website for your taxi firm so that you don’t limit your services are not just limited to the mobile applications. Your passengers should be able to book taxis from desktops, PCs as well as laptops.

In this age where the number of global travellers is at an all-time high, going online would make you cater to the demand of tourists. Whenever tourists come to your office and look for taxis, your website helps them know the prevailing rates of your services, discounts you are currently offering, your reviews and ratings which can help turn them into regular customers.

Local Marketing

Over 90% of your business will come from your city’s population and it is essential to come up with the right strategies to make your taxi business as the most preferred choice of travel among the locals.

You can, of course, go for the usual methods of advertisements like commercials and print campaigns. You can offer a discount on the first trip. This would bring the initial business and gaining new customers.

To retain them, nothing works better than discounts. You can offer discount on the next trip or for a referral.

Associating with hotels and resorts in your area is another great option and you can offer them a commission for each ride booked by their guests. Have a kiosk set up in their receptions so that the guests can book the rides easily.

Low customer wait time

No one likes to wait in today’s fast-paced society. You can opt for placing your drivers at points of passenger inflow like business centres, shopping malls, tourist spots, and major residential areas.

You can also employ more drivers, but this tends to be at a later stage of the business.

Good ratings and reviews

Any new passenger wanting to use your Hull taxi service will look for reviews online before booking a taxi from your company.

You can ask your passengers for genuine feedback on your service.