How to scale up your business with managed WordPress hosting

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If you have been coining the idea of owning a website you must have heard about shared web hosting. It is one of the affordable hosting solutions best for starting blogs and small to mid-level websites.

But what about when the time comes to sail into the deep sea when you feel you are ready to scale your business with your website? 

Well, the answer to your question is managed WordPress hosting.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a web hosting solution designed and optimized for WordPress websites. 

In other words, shared web hosting is like sharing a flat, VPS is like the condo while managed hosting is like a complete staffed house.

Managed WordPress hosting ensures your site always runs smoothly by aiding you with technical support to solve your queries. Managed web hosting is particularly suited for enterprise-level websites owing to its high security and performance.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting?

  1. High site availability

High site availability and uptime are essential for online business. If the majority of your revenue comes from your website any downtime means a major loss in revenue and profit.

Moreover, frequent downtime or even too much buffering can damage your brand’s reputation losing more sales and trust of the customers. 

However, when you partner with a managed web hosting provider you are ensured to receive maximum uptime and availability.

  1. Expert technical support

With managed WordPress host comes high performance and superior security. While most shared and VPS hosting providers offer live chat support it may take time to resolve your query especially when your issues are as big as a cyber-attack.

With managed WordPress hosting plans you get extensive technical support with immediate query handling from the expert technical team. So, you can be ensured of your website’s security and performance.

  1. Easy updates

Managed WordPress hosting plans offer easy updates of WordPress applications as well as installed plugins. So you can use the latest features to your website’s benefit to generate more revenue and provide an amazing user experience.

Depending on the hosting provider you partner with or the plan you choose these applications and plugins might get auto-updated ridding you of doing this daunting task manually.

When scalability, flexibility, and technical support become paramount for your website consider switching to managed WordPress hosting. Managed to host plans especially come to your rescue when you don’t have a dedicated in-house team to manage and technically support your website.

So, make the right web hosting choice and scale your business with your WordPress website.