How To Sell A House With A Tax Lien

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People, somehow, fail to realize that their biggest asset is the house they are living in. Therefore, in cases of tax liens, or unpaid child support, outstanding taxes, when the walls seem to crash on you, it is the best time to utilize the biggest asset in your hands.

Selling your house, even in normal circumstances, might appear challenging and difficult. And when the question of tax liens come into play, it is quite natural to have your stress levels sky-high.

Do you want to sell your house with a tax lien?

If you wish to plan the sale of your house with a tax lien, you’re at the right place. We are going to go through the process of studying a tax lien and how to evade its shackles.

What is a Tax Lien on a house?

When a property owner fails to pay his/her property taxes, the federal government has the authority to place a lien on the property, which signifies the legal claim of the government on that property for the unpaid amount that is owed. This is pretty much obvious that you cannot sell your property without paying its tax lien. Here are some safe bets for you to try.

  • Try and understand the lien 

There are many types of liens you can be in. Unpaid tax, child support, mortgage lien, a lot of types are there. You must have a clear cut knowledge about your lien. This will make the process smoother and easier.

  • Dealing with the Lien

You can contact the IRS and the mortgage lender, informing them of your plan to sell the house. Then you can give them the offer of paying off your debts after the sale of the house.

  • Seek Professional Advice

On paper, it looks easy, but sometimes, it gets rigorous. This is where the experienced players come into the picture. You can seek help or contact some of the leading home buyers and let them look into the matter. You can sell your property to them “as is,” which means taxes and everything, and all your work might be arranged to be done after the sale, i.e. when you get your money.

A qualified company with expertise in dealing with disputed or troubled properties is something that you will need. They might take the headache off you and ensure smooth sailing by mediating in the process between the IRS and you or, perhaps, even buy the property “as is.” 

  • Handle the IRS with care – 

The IRS will be looking for the money which they owe you. What can be done is that you make them confident that they will get their money, which will make their hold on any proceedings on your selling lenient.

There are multiple reasons for the need or the choice for the selling of a house. Legal disputes often make the whole process difficult.

“Can I sell my house with a tax lien?”

At times, house owners wonder and ask the question, ‘can I sell my house with a tax lien? It is important to be confident and well-informed when one is dealing with tax liens. An expert opinion and a calm and composed mind will make your process far easier and smoother. Follow these guidelines, and it will easily be over within the blink of an eye.