How To Transition Your Company To an Assembly Line

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One of the signs of growth in a small manufacturing company is moving production from the handcrafted stage to an assembly line, allowing your company to produce more in the same amount of time. The steps involved in this transition include planning and purchasing everything you will need, including equipment, supplies and space.

Research Assembly Line Equipment

Research which equipment and accessories are available for your assembly line and which ones are the best fit for your company. The planning stage is when you set a budget and see how far you can stretch it, so it is helpful to know that you can get some parts or units second-hand which have been refurbished, such as rebuilt engines or cylinder heads Victoria TX, for your equipment.

Plan It Out

Examine your processes to see where each step of the line needs to be. Be sure to plan where each piece of equipment and worker will go to ensure you have enough space. For instance, if you sell gift baskets, you can have a stage for setting up the basket, one for each item that goes into it and a final step to place the basket in the cellophane and attach the tag.

Start Small

It is better to start small with your transition to an assembly line and scale it up later than make a significant investment upfront. Continuing the above example, starting your assembly line with a conveyor belt to move baskets between stations can be easier on the budget than adding new machinery at each stop. It can show you where you can break the steps down further for more efficiency in the future.

Adding an assembly line to your manufacturing company is a big step toward growth goals. It is good to research the types of equipment needed and plan out the space and budget before purchasing anything. When you start small, you can invest less at the onset and scale up as needed.

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