How to use blocking bets: Some Advice

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Grab the reins, take the lead, be an aggressor and trample your opponents in the dust with constant bets. That’s exactly how it wins in no-limit Hold’em, isn’t it?

Except it’s not always that simple, see? Sometimes you have cards in your hand that are extremely average. You think you’re the best at the table, but you don’t want to risk a big bet. In such situations, the best form of attack is often defense. Welcome to the world of block betting.

A small bet can prevent your opponent from forcing you to bet more than you wanted to play, and may help you get a little extra from an opponent with the wrong cards who wouldn’t bet.

Big warning: these bets can be losing against strong and aggressive opponents. Good players will see a small bet on the river as a sign of weakness.

When to use

In a pot where you play 1 against 1, you had the initiative during the game and you only have average cards on the river. Thanks to the blocking bet, you will not be pushed into a big bet or fold

When you have a solid draw

  • Such a defensive bet can confuse your opponent and not get you into the corner
  • On the turn to prevent your opponent from betting on the river.
  • Make this bet with a combination that can succeed in a showdown, but you don’t want to drive it too high
  • When not to use
  • Against a player who has used your weaknesses before and seems to be very receptive or playing aggressively
  • If you think you have the best hand and your opponent calls with worse cards
  • When you think your opponent will place a small bet that you will pay extra

When you notice another opponent’s blocking bets, it’s a great chance to make money. The most suitable candidates for bluffing from a block bet are intermediate players with a good knowledge of limitless play. Small bets (in relation to the pot) are seldom made, so when that happens, it’s probably a blocking bet you can make money on, no matter what you’re holding. But it’s a risky game, because on the river you only make your opponent fold with a big bet.

Small ball poker

In this section we will discuss:

  • When to play small ball style
  • When not to play in the style of a small ball

The bandarqq betting all-in is a risky business that can exclude you from the tournament if it is timed incorrectly. Some pros prefer poker, which is called small ball, when you build a stack of chips without risk.