HR One Co-Founder, Karan Jain shares how HR One can be your best ally in the turbulent times ahead

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Noida, June 08th, 2020: HROne is staying true to its promise to help the employers and HRs build happier workplaces. Even in turbulent times like now and the future of work that seems to be quite unprecedented, HROne is doing one thing at a time to fill the existing readiness gap in the market. While they are increasing the awareness quotient of the companies through their new webinar series ‘Future of Work’ and social media posts, they are also continuing to bring some necessary advancements in their software simultaneously.

Quite recently, Karan Jain from HROne shared a post on ‘How HROne can be the way out in the future of work ?’ When asked about it, he said, “The post took a lot of R&D and was made after scanning surveys, and other writing material from credible sources like Deloitte, and Gartner. To keep it crisp, we talked specifically about three of them that would have an enormous impact on businesses in the coming time.”

If you missed on their post here are a few challenges that the post enlightened its viewers about-

  • The ethical conundrum

 Eighty-five percent of this year’s Deloitte survey respondents believe that the future of work raises ethical challenges—but only 27 percent have clear policies and leaders in place to manage them. Legal, regulatory requirements, rapid adoption of AI, changes in workforce composition, and pressure from external stakeholders is alarmingly high. Now and in the future, only an HCM highly customisable would enable HR to deliver and fill this readiness gap. Multiple policies for every module, department and business unit or issues will pop.

  • The work model hopscotch

Office only to WFH to remote to a balance of all these, businesses have hopped onto all the possible models swiftly with little or no choice. This will continue and make it mandate to have a mobile-first HCM that is equipped enough to handle whatever work model you choose, whenever. Besides, due to the same the future of work demands agile HCM tech that can facilitate team collaboration, maintain attendance data perfectly and more!

  • The higher need to engage

A survey HROne HRMS software conducted revealed that more than 70% of people want flexibility, they want to work from home and office both. Moreover, the future of work has gig workforce as an integral part of it. All this points to one thing unanimously that the workforce would be scattered like now and so to stimulate engagement and keep the employees in sync with the organisational updates, HR Software in India and  right payroll software would be the best way out!

As per our sources, the company is also going to roll out a new Shortcuts feature this month, first on their social media platforms.

Lately, we have also seen them posting a lot on ways to navigate your business through the crisis. If you want to keep a tab on what’s new in the HRTech world upcoming legislative changes, and the latest news and innovations from HROne, you can check our latest blog Period Leave: Will It Trivialise Equal Opportunity Agenda?