Human Eye Surgery! 

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Eye, the most important organ in our life, is generally called the organ of sight. Special care is taken during the eye surgical process which is done by the ophthalmologist. Depending upon the condition or problem of the patient’s eye, an eye surgeon decides the surgery that has to be done. Before starting the eye surgery (ศัลยกรรมตา, which is the term in Thai) anesthesia is given to the patient as the eye is connected to the nervous system. Eye surgery is done with special care as it is the sensitive organ. Technology has made an advanced improvement in the techniques used in the surgeries. 

Let us know a few of the eye surgeries which are done to cure the problems of the eye.

  • Photorefractive Keratectomy

The focused light on the eye is reflected by the cornea. Reshaping of the eye’s cornea is done in this process as the imaging technology of computers has made a lot of impact on PRK.

  • Reflective Lens Exchange

It is also called CLE (clear lens extraction). Cataracts affect the lens of the eye by decreasing the vision, this can be corrected by using the RLE surgery. The eye’s natural lens is replaced by silicone or plastic lens. It also helps to correct myopia (Objects at distance cannot be seen clearly) and hypermetropia (near objects cannot be seen clearly).

  • Presbyopia Lens Exchange

People suffering from presbyopia will not be able to focus on the objects which are kept closer to them. This is suggested when the eye loses its flexibility to adjust the lens. In this process, a multifocal lens is implanted to improve the vision of the eye. 

  • Epi Lasik

The process in this surgery is similar to the process that is done in PRK i.e, reshaping of the thin layer of the cornea is done, it can be removed or replaced. Until this part of the eye is healed, the doctor puts a soft contact lens to protect the area where the surgery is done.

After the surgery is done few instructions should be followed by the patient:

  • The patient is not supposed to wear makeup and swim for a few weeks after the surgery. 
  • Doing work out or heavy exercise should be avoided. 
  • Going for a drive is dangerous as the eye gets exposed to dust and wind. 
  • The patient is asked to avoid putting extra pressure on the eye. 
  • Rubbing the eye and bending is resisted.

The instructions suggested by the doctor should be strictly followed by the patient without any negligence to avoid the infections.