Influencer Marketing 101

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What is influencer marketing?

It is simply a form of social media marketing strategies that are adopted by companies. It involves endorsements and product placement strategies from influencers as well. Expert-level knowledge from influencers, people, and organizations is used to attain the social influence demanded by the product.

Influencers that have a strong influence are selected by a brand to promote their products to the target audience. These influencers have a large audience that brands can use to build credibility and drive up their sales.

How can you choose the most suitable influencer?

It is necessary to find an influencer that is right for promoting the product. Finding an influencer can be based on the values and the like-minded mindset they have with the company.

If you are choosing influencers, then make sure you are looking at important metrics. A large following is not necessarily a clear indicator of how interactive the audience is with the influencer. For instance, an influencer with 5 lac followers may not have a tight interaction with the audience as compared to influencers with 5000 followers.

They are many types of influencers a brand can choose from. Some micro-influencers have a smaller reach compared to the expert influencer but these micro-influencers can attract niche audiences easily.

The best way to promote your product is through celebrity influencers. They have a large reach and large audiences as well. Credibility is also given more to celebrity influencers because of their self-image.

What about influencer fraud?

This is the biggest risk in influencer marketing. This is when influencers use artificially inflated numbers to show that they have a lot of followers through inactive or bot accounts. To put this all into numerical numbers, 20% of mid-level influencer followers are likely to be fraudulent.


Influencer marketing is the most beneficial type of social media marketing nowadays. Influencers make it relatively easy for a brand to communicate about their product to the customer and also give them a lot of credibility’s. In a way, they become the face of the brand for a small amount of time.

But at the same time, it is necessary to know the right type of influencer to promote your brand. This can include micro, expert, or celebrity influencers. Make sure to stay away from influencer fraud activities. It has been estimated that at least 5% of accounts of every celebrity influencer on social media are spam, bots, or non-real users.

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