Investment In Whiskey

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More and more people are now interested in consuming whiskey. In fact, the prices of whiskey have started skyrocketing whiskey aficionados are piling up stocks, after all, the stocked up whiskey certainly tastes better with time. No matter which part of the world, people are getting more and more affinity towards whiskey. 

Many people love whiskey and they keep collecting varieties of them. While others are investing in whiskey to make a profit out of it. Businessmen are purchasing more and more bottles of high-value whiskey. They are gathering dozens and dozens of barrels of whiskey which are aged, so that they can sell later, making a profit. They are thus investing in their favourite distilleries. 

Investing in whiskey has now become a trend. Earlier people invested more in wine, and this culture is been followed for a hundred years now. But the whiskey market has not gained the limelight, being active in recent years. Whiskey market analysis suggests that the maximum investors in whiskey are the Chinese. They stockpile whiskey and make it worth expensive, in order to gift their business partners. 

There are three main options for investing in whiskey:

  • Investing in bottles of valuable whiskey.
  • Investing in whiskey maturation.
  • Investing in a distillery.

Advantages of investing in whiskey:

Investors are purchasing bottles at moderate rates and after a few years when the worth of the whiskey increases, they are selling them at high prices to make a profit. But for the same, one must have knowledge about, what kind of whiskeys to actually invest in. most whiskey investors look for bottles that are extremely rare and wait for the society to increase the rates drastically. Also, they make sure those bottles are limited editions in order to hike the prices. 

Many investors stick to well known and high-valued Scotch whiskey brands like Macallan, Highland Park, The Balvenie, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, and Bowmore. They do this probably by having good relationships with distillery owners and other collectors. One such investor is Alexander Johnson Whisky  who owns the whiskey cask company. 

Profit from whiskey investment varies dramatically based upon the particular whiskey you purchase, but some investments do extraordinarily well. If you had purchased an 18-year old vintage Macallan in 2015 it would have cost somewhere around £19,000 ($25,000).

By 2016, the same whiskey was worth about £46,000 ($61,000) a bottle. That’s an extraordinary 142% increase in its price, which is a far better return than most wines held over that period.