Is Professional hugging a thing?

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There is a general misconception that men go to strip clubs purely to ogle naked women, sometimes they are just looking for some warmth, an unjudgmental ear to listen to their problems. Some men make visiting a strip club a habit. They feel lonely in their own home because they live by themselves or they aren’t on the best terms with their significant others. Once in a while, someone just wants a hug. Someone recognised this need and decided to create a place where people can get a hug for a price.

One of the cardinal rules of strip clubs is the no-touching rule. There are strip clubs that allow touching and some performers will offer their favourite customer a hug when she feels he needs it most. Sometimes that’s all a man might be after, some compassionate hug. Some business people recognise this need and offer professional hugging services.

And where would you expect to find such a place? Las Vegas U.S.A of course. But could this be something that strip club Melbourne might be thinking of offering soon? The city already has it all, a variety of adult entertainment venues, bars, and world-renowned night clubs Casinos that offer more than Pokies and so much more. You can even get an escort or a companion you can hire just to attend events, have a great dinner, and go home. It seems that professional hugging should be there because there is a need for it.

Hugging, cuddling, and strippers have been proven to lower stress, increase relaxation, lower anxiety, blood pressure, improve sleep and help you deal with PTSD. This might sound like a joke and someone’s idea to justify going to nudie bars but human touch does help. It won’t eradicate your hypertension but it will help you feel better. Sometimes people don’t need a distraction but they need a touch and to hear someone say, ”it’s going to be okay.”

A lot of strip club patrons who become regulars will have their own favourite strippers. The dancers might sit with their regulars between performances and share a drink. They will ask how your day was and how you resolved some problem you might have mentioned at one time. Because you spend some of your time with them they may start to feel like friends, who are always glad that you came. They will know your kids by name and remember that your aging mother has been admitted to the hospital again. Basically, they tend to act like shrinks when they aren’t.

There might be some stigma to the idea of making a business out of cuddling. But that is what people said when someone suggested that someone will be willing to pay money just to see women topless. One might want to ask, what is wrong with society when people have to sell hugs@ There is a need for it but of course, there should be boundaries around it, just as ladies in VIP rooms have established rules about touching and what is not allowed.

If professional cuddling was ever going to be something you have to pay for at a strip club Melbourne then there are a lot of patrons who are already tipping their favorite dancers for that friendly, non-sexual, or suggestive hugs.

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