Is Your Hearing Loss Holding You Back?

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Navigating the world with hearing loss isn’t easy. Whether your hearing impairment has happened as a result of old age, an accident, or you were born with it, it can eventually affect your quality of life if not treated properly and promptly. Many people find that their mental health can diminish due to social isolation.

It can be difficult to chime into conversations if they’re moving quickly and you’re not catching all the words being said. During the COVID-19 pandemic where almost all social interactions happen online, you may not have the technology you need to properly interact on the phone or computer with friends and family. You don’t have to settle for this way of life. Here are a few ways to keep hearing loss from holding you back.

Address your mental health.

A first step you can take in addressing the social implications of hearing loss is to see a therapist. With a trusted professional, you’ll be able to open up about how your inability to hear or how your tinnitus has been influencing your daily life and routine. You may not need medication to address the anxiety or depression you’ve been feeling if that’s not a route you want to take. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, you may be able to break habits that are holding you back. Through social tools, you’ll eventually find your confidence again.

Book an appointment with a specialist.

Even if you’ve seen a doctor to address your issues, you may want a second opinion if you feel like your hearing loss is still holding you back. A specialist will be able to better address your degree of hearing loss more specifically than a general practitioner. Your individual issues with social interaction will be addressed. In other words, a hearing specialist can find you better solutions. They won’t settle until you’re hearing and feeling your best possible.

To find a specialist, do a broad Internet search for a “hearing specialist near me.” That way you’ll be able to identify someone local and convenient for your treatment. When doing your search, make sure your specialist is independent of all hearing manufacturers. That way you know they’ll be addressing your concerns, instead of selling you on a product that might not be the best solution for your needs. Technology has come a long way in so many medical fields. It’s changing constantly. A specialist will be on the up-and-up, allowing you access to state of the art hearing technology.

Meditate and get your blood pumping.

Meditation can help you cope with the small moments that cause social anxiety. Being in the right frame of mind can ultimately lead to a healthy lifestyle. You may feel encouraged to take a long walk, jog, or just be in nature. Meditation and exercise help you to be in the moment, which shakes up some of the negative feelings you may have. Taking care of your body and mind can be a game-changer and lead to a happier, fuller life.

Be honest with your loved ones.

If you feel isolated from your loved ones, there’s a good chance they might not have noticed or if they have noticed, they’ve been too afraid to address it. Sometimes it’s hard to speak honestly about difficult topics. Open up to a family member if you’ve been feeling excluded. Tell them how they can help you navigate social situations. Give them solutions for how they can better include you. You can even tell them the different ways you’ve been addressing your health journey. Who knows, it might inspire them to get interested in health and wellness.