ISC Question Banks Class 2021 -22 class 12 Launched! How To Kick start Preparations?

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Are you the student who finished your 12th standard and you having the ambition to clear the exams of ISC? Then the ISC Question Banks Class 12 2021 -22 will help you score more marks in the exam. In this Covid – 19 pandemic period and disrupting the students’ lives, we should have a strategic and systematic approach for exam preparation is a must.

We all know that the exam of ISC is the most important ambition for many students. Several numbers of students are registering, and most of the students are successfully make through it. You should divide the syllabus according to convenience while preparing for the exam. Here is the study guide where you can understand how to score above 95% in the exam.

  • Syllabus: You should have a complete look throughout the whole syllabus by understanding each and every topic. Next, you should make a list of important topics which make the maximum weightage of marks.
  • Practice writing the answers: By writing the answers that you have studied, you can get a clear cut with spelling mistakes, and in your exams, you can write without any doubt. Presentation of the answer plays an important role in exams, and this is the detailed manner to ensure a good mark. The ISC Books Class 12 books will help you to
  • Refer to the book note: Get your best reference book and study material that is available in the market. These ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021 -22 reference books will help you to score more marks. This book will contain dynamic QR codes that will help the students keep updated with the 2021 Exam paper or any further notifications or circulars.
  • Make important key points: You should keep making notes on the topic you are studying and the formulas that will later help you refer a day before the exam. You can also use the question bank and the QR codes to give you the concept video, which will provide you with a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Solve question papers: Practice yourself by solving the question paper, and this will make you familiarize you with the question paper pattern of the exam. This ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021 -22 will contain the previous year’s question papers which are arranged neatly according to the chapter wise to practice for the exams. 
  • Make a study routine: You should make an efficient routine and try to start. You should start the preparation right from the beginning of the session and divide time commonly between the subjects. It would be best if you had the key scoring well and the hard work, constituent, and smart work in the exam. You may exhaust your brain if you study continuously so, don’t forget to take breaks in between your studies.


By following all the methods that are mentioned above will help you to gain more marks if you put in your equal effort and hard work. By preparing for the ISC Books Class 12, you can surely get good marks in the exam. In the end, don’t worry too much and don’t stress yourself. All the best for your exams!