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Key Points in maintaining Wooden Cabinets

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Wooden cabinets make our house pretty. People will try to use high-quality wood like Teak etc. to bring in real elegance. Besides as a showpiece, they have high utility. They allow us to store books, newspapers, stationery etc. They increase accessibility. They have polished and glassy surfaces that beautify the surroundings.

However, during cleaning and dusting, we treat them as we treat every other item in the house. Such a common approach might deteriorate the condition of the cabinet. It might reduce the glimmering look. Let us see the following points that highlight the important aspects that are to be observed during wooden cabinet maintenance and cleaning.

No wet clean

People generally have a misconception that wet cleaning is the best. But wooden materials are sensitive to water. Wood is porous which intakes the water and after some time, it bulges. This shall damage the surface to a great extent. Therefore, it is better to clean these materials with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Care must be taken to not place them by the side of windows. There might be a spray of water from the rain. Ensure to clean the right way to avoid damage.

No UV rays

Usually, many people leave the cabinets outdoors. Ultraviolet elements in sunlight are a great enemy of wood. Constant exposure to them shall have adverse effects. Through photo-oxidation, the wood loses its original strength and tightness. Therefore, utmost care is needed when planning where to place such wooden cabinets. They must be placed in such spaces where there is no or less need to face the sun.

Keep them covered

Have you seen that, in many houses, wooden cabinets are placed in the corners openly? Air has moisture in it which shall be absorbed by the wood. This shall have negative effects on it. A customized plastic transparent dressing can be made for your cabinet. It acts as a cover for the whole unit. However, they have to be cleaned at regular intervals and must be dried under the sun thoroughly to avoid problems from the presence of water.

Regular Polish

Wooden surfaces get the glitter from the polish. With time, it fades away. This necessitates us to re-polish it regularly with wood polish or wax. This shall not only give the look to them but also protect them from external atmospheric conditions. Varnishing is the other option where a varnish paint is applied. Once it dries up, it leaves a glassy residue that protects the surface. Constant application of olive oil will give almost the same results as varnish.

Avoid pungent solutions

It is not advisable to make use of any strong solutions to clean cabinets. They might have ingredients that might not be acceptable for wood. Wood might get crumbled and will come out of the structure. Therefore, check the contents of the solution before applying them on surfaces.

To clean and give your cabinet an excellent glossy look, there are professional cleaning services in the market. You can avail of their help to save the style of your home.

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