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Situated in the southern tip of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is the transit location for you before you embark your trip to research Komodo National Park for Komodo wildlife tracking, snorkelling, or scuba diving activities.

As a new tourist destination location in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo remains unknown for lots of people. It’s a little fisherman town with small population in comparison to other islands in Indonesia. It is possible to discover the captivating beauty of nature at each corner of town. You can climb a little up the hill on the main street and find a city port perspective with ocean and small islands as the backdrop.

While we believe that the beauty of Labuan Bajo is timeless, it looks even more populous during sunset. Every light from the boats and automobiles in addition to the photo perfect sunset colour reveal a different atmosphere of the city. You may feel the town is composed in the day time, but somehow looking at that sight that the town appears lively and bright.

Another famous area that should see when you are in Labuan Bajo is Rangko Cave. This cave is located in Rangko village, a little bit further to the east out of the city. The very ideal way to accomplish there is by boat, which we can arrange, to get more comfortable and quicker travel.

Upon entering the cave, then you can see a unique sight of stalactites illuminated by sunlight lights and clean blue seawater. Do not forget to bring your butt, since you’re able to enjoy swimming here. Swimming at an underground seawater cave certainly is something worth striving!


Generally, Indonesia is a Muslim majority country. However in Flores Island, (also as Labuan Bajo city), is heavily affected by Portuguese traders who arrived in this area around the 16th century. Therefore, the culture, language and faith of Flores Island are completely different from the rest of Islands in Indonesia. In Labuan Bajo town, Most the people are Roman Catholic Christians.

I think most of us concur that Indonesia is well-known for its warm hospitality. The folks of Labuan Bajo city are very passionate and welcoming. With the increasing amount of people from other Island who migrate, this town has a combined culture but keeps its tolerance towards one another. You’ll be surprised by how generous and helpful the natives here would be.

The biggest problem for travellers is likely the language barrier. Since Labuan Bajo is still a rural, undeveloped location, it’s still a few folks who might speak English. Locals talk local Manggarai language and Indonesian. This language problem will be troublesome for folks that are still unfamiliar with the town and Komodo National Park. Although sailors never meant any harm, however, misunderstanding brought on by language barrier is something we all want to prevent.


When you are to see a port town, it is crucial to try out seafood! Seafood is a speciality in Labuan Bajo, together with several kinds of seafood you’ll be able to select, from grouper to squid and shrimp, all newly captured by our local fishermen. After a long day of trekking and diving, it’s best to stop by the local fish market. A line of food stalls by the harbour is available from 5 PM to 2 AM to meet your hungry stomach.

Although a small city, Labuan Bajo is full of restaurants. There are Indonesian restaurant, Italian restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Japanese restaurant and blend restaurant. So rest assured, people. If you crave pizza, burger, and tacos, then it’s still true that you can get it in here.

Whether your trips take you to a long walk on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Let’s know more about Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.