List of slots games terminology

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Do you like to gamble? Have you been visiting a nearby land-based casino to fulfill your casino gaming needs? Have you been thinking of investing your time and money in the Casino Games Online? Rest assured playing casino games online would be a boon for you. It would cater to your specific needs and requirements of playing casino games with a plethora of benefits.

Before you consider investing your money in casino games online, look forward to understanding the memorizing the slot games terminology. It would be imperative for you to learn the slot gaming terminology to assist you in gaining the best gambling experience.

Let us delve into the different slot games terminology you should be aware of.

3D video slots

These intense slots games with graphical imagery depth would cater to your three-dimensional effect requirements.


A six-reel slot caters to you with six spinning columns with symbols. These would also provide you with additional features.


A five-reel slot machine entails five spinning symbol columns. Such a kind of game happens to be the latest standard for online slots.


The three-reel slot machine encompasses three spinning symbol columns.

Active pay line

It would be turned on to pay the winning prize if you hit the winning combination. Most machines would enable you to activate and deactivate pay lines for adjusting the bet.

All ways

The all-ways machines have pay lines for creating winning combinations from right to left and left to right.

Autospin or Autoplay

Auto spin and Autoplay features would enable you to set a bet along with the number of spins for the machine in casino games. You have the option to cancel autoplay after any spin.


The classic black slot symbols with BAR printed in white would often be the lowest paying. It would come in triple, double, and single stacked options.

Basic Slots

These three-reel machines entail a single pay line. However, the prize has been similar without any special features.


It would be the amount the player wagers on every spin.

Bet One

It would adjust the wager to a single coin of the chosen denomination on every spin.

Bonus game or feature

It would cater to you with additional spins, free wilds, and a chance to win the game. Go through instructions for activating the feature in the game.

Bonus round

It would be an in-game event where a player would decide for earning additional prizes.


It would be the total amount of cash with you in a slot machine.

Collect Button

The button enables players to cash out the credits they have won from the slot machine.

Free spins

It would be the opportunity to spin the reels and gain a chance to win prizes without betting. It would be given to you as a part of a bonus or some specific game feature of the live casino.


It is the highest possible award, for which, all players invest their time and money in the casino game.


It would occur when you hit the right combination of numbers and symbols appearing on the activated pay line.

These essential terms of the online slot games would be vital for you to learn about before playing the casino game.