Looking for Love During COVID-19: How Tinder Keeps People Connected

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As the COVID-19 pandemic first swooped to the United States in early March of 2020, few people really knew what was going to happen. The pandemic would fundamentally change the face of the planet, shutting down some of the largest economies that have ever existed. With more than 630k deaths in the United States alone, the human toll has also been staggering.

Yet, for all the pain and strife that the pandemic has introduced, dating apps like Tinder have kept people connected. Far from allowing the pain and misery of the pandemic to stifle their chance at love, young adults have continued to turn to Tinder to connect with others, pandemic or no pandemic.

How Tinder Approached the Pandemic

Going on a date during a pandemic likely isn’t the easiest thing in the world to plan. From the communicability of the disease to questions about a person’s vaccination status, toeing these unique new lines has been difficult, to say the least. With that being said, Tinder itself has tried to push a few safety measures to help its user base help itself. While swiping, the app will occasionally interrupt users to remind them to bring hand sanitizer and to remain at a socially safe distance. That isn’t to say that the app will be stopping anytime soon, though going on a date tends to break the majority of COVID-19 safety protocols. The app itself has even integrated questions about the pandemic into its profile system, making sure not to ignore the very large red elephant in the room.

Originally founded in part by Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, Tinder has undergone a rather exploratory evolution over the years. Rad departed from the team in 2017 under alleged fears that he would not be able to guide the company forward. Rad has sued Tinder’s parent company, IAC. The company has since experienced a back-and-forth legal battle with both parties refusing to flinch.

Making a Meme of the Pandemic

While it is impossible to completely ignore the very real cost of the pandemic in terms of human life, that hasn’t stopped online dating enthusiasts from making the most of their situation. Some profiles feature users wearing hazmat suits while others feature individuals drinking a bottle of Corona beer. No matter what horrors the pandemic may have brought to the world, humans have found a way to make light of the situation to keep pushing forward.

Tinder hasn’t been alone in trying to keep its user base in good spirits. OkCupid has integrated COVID-related questions in its profile crafting process, allowing individuals to put their opinions on the pandemic right out in public. If you are taking the pandemic seriously, you can make it known on your profile.

While this may not sound like a perfect solution to dating during the pandemic, few better options have come about. With no end in sight for the pandemic, we might have to keep swiping and keep packing our hand sanitizer.